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Use a tee or not?

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I have a question and was wondering what everybody thinks.

This happened to the people I normally play golf with, but I wasn't there that day!

I have had many different views on this matter.

The scenario...

You tee off and mishit your ball, it goes roughly forty yards straight into a pond marked as a lateral water hazard.

The pond was in front of and to the left of the tee box.  The ground around the pond is not level and very uneven.

The player decides to play his next shot from the original position, which means he is back on the tee box.

Knowing the hole they were playing, his only option was the 'original place' the ball was played from.

The problem was, is he allowed to tee up his golf ball seeing as he's on the teeing ground, or must he drop the ball on the teeing ground and play the ball from the grass

It was interesting as both his playing partners had different ideas.  One said, you play the ball off the tee box, but cannot put the golf ball on a tee.  The other wasn't sure what the rule was!

I would be interested to know what people think, and more importantly, why they think that way?






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A quick answer without checking. They can tee the ball up because it is being played from the teeing ground as though they are starting the hole again.

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Here is the Decision.

20-5. Making Next Stroke from Where Previous Stroke Made

When a player elects or is required to make his next stroke from where a previous stroke was made, he must proceed as follows:


On the Teeing Ground: The ball to be played must be played from within the teeing ground. It may be played from anywhere within the teeing ground and may be teed.

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