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Found 2 results

  1. Bramwell


    Hi........... My name is Alan - I have been involved in promoting golf for many many years and first contacted Darren at Golfshake circa 2007. Darren has done a great job getting the site to what it is today. I am here now to rock my own boat - I want your business ! I am working on a concept called MediGolf. This is basically a way to track your own training and tuition and to track what YouTube tuition that you are doing. There is little to it - it is just a case of bookmarking your learning and commenting on it in your workbook. You could elect to keep a word processing document - but this is not portable. My method is to use a free www service called Protopage - - it is really great and is really simple . I use Protopage on a daily basis - it is part of my on-line life style. I have recently been to the Google Garage to see what they are doing in Manchester. For my community I have created a Protopage website which contains course reviews and their learning content. See In my opinion every golf professional should have a Protopage account to communicate active club business - a great tool, the best of the WWW. Whilst on the Google Garage you can see my learning for creating Responsive Websites - Red Octopus. This technology takes minutes to learn and should be the standard for golf. Another way to get to Red Octopus is to go to where I have a bookmark to my primary site. There are just two components of what I calll hybrid websites, other components include Wix, Wordpress, 123Reg, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hybrid web development is so so easy - it is well in the capabilities of your average golf professional. If you are a golf professional wanting to improve his www presence - or simply a man starting up his own business. Simply ask and I will support you. Thank You for reading..... Alan
  2. Hi..... I have started a venture called The Golf Hub. where I am collecting golf tuition and information about golf professionals that have a presence on the www. I hope that one day Darren will be kind enough to place a link on Golf shake to it. Please take a look and tell me how I should structure it.