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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I literally get nervous every time I have to hit a wedge and will ordinarily avoid it at all costs! I blade or fat everything and whenever im over a wedge im just praying for good contact! Any advice on helping me resolve this would be greatly appreciated as its ruining my university matches at the moment! I have no idea if you can insert videos or not but if so let me know and ill attach them ASAP
  2. For reference: Lob wedge, anything 60 degrees and over. Something I do to avoid the usual unskilled amateur "thick" shot, that looses a ball behind the green! We all know that with any full shot a full hip, shoulders arm technique is needed, as well as turning the head eventually. However.... When I need to do a short or very short pitch with my lob wedge (usually because there is a hazard in the way) it is rarely the case that I need to do a full back and forward swing; so I don't. What I have decided matters is that I get the head under the ball, and not thick it. So the tip I'm giving here is: open stance, knees bent, feet 1 foot apart, ball just right of right foot, hands ahead of left thigh, hands chocked up or down depending on energy needed, short backswing, don't chicken out as you now natural hit down and through the ball, finish no more than 45 degree through follow-through; However, the most important bit is..................keep looking down until you hear the ball land. A lot of thicking of the ball is golfers lifting or turning their heads on this type of short shot. This lifts one end of the pivot by raising the head, and the trap is that if you do it too early you thick the shot because you have raised the club head, because your head is still connected to your shoulders. It's critical with this type of shot that contact is under and near perfect, and even more critical if you have opened the face for this shot. Your mates will tell you if it's all gone wrong, long. You don't need to see where it's gone because it's a short shot! Well not until a biiiiiiit later, obviously. With a shot like this, not moving your head has no effect on the final trajectory. It's also important that you try this next to the ball to see how "sticky" the grass/fringe/rough is and is only recommended if you can get under the ball; this will not work on buried, imbedded, long or thick grass. The more the ball is sitting up, the more likely this is to work. Try it on the range, see if it works for you.