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Found 1 result

  1. Tim Poole

    33 on a 9-hole Par 3 course

    Hi all, I started playing golf properly in September 2015, although I'd played on a small pitch and putt many times in the past. Due to time/cost and geography, I currently only play on 9-hole par-3 pitch & putts or PlayGolf London in Northwick Park (an executive golf course, Par 29, two par 4s and rest par 3s). My best on Northwick Park is a 48 over nine holes. However, Harrow on the Hill Pitch & Putt, I've gone round 18 holes in 70 (+16) and did the back nine in 33 (+6). Naturally, I was delighted with the latter and my score gets lower every week. Before that, I got a +9 on the back nine and genuinely feel like I can get a birdie or par on every hole. I'm aware every course is different and also aware opinions generally shouldn't affect anyone's game! That said, I've read a lot from golfers/on the internet questioning short par-3 courses or dismissing them as something just to practice your chipping on. So I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on short par 3 9-hole courses? I'm aware my long game lags far behind and, due to my driving and the cost of a membership fee, I wouldn't even attempt a long course right now. I would be delighted to see myself as a short-game specialist and ultimately secure an even par or below par round on a 9-hole par 3 course (or even over 18 holes on that course). But would that be considered a good achievement or would most golfers frown upon this as something only beginners would be interested in? Appreciate any feedback!