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Found 3 results

  1. A bit dead in here these days, the weekend (28th April 2018) I have 36 holes in the Leicestershire & Rutland Spring open, top 27 qualify for Sunday 36 holes #tiredfeet Following Sunday another 36 @ Coventry golf club the Midlands order of merit event. what we all up to?
  2. I've played with plenty of players through the years and most high handicappers use any old ball, be it new or something that you wouldn't hit at the range! in fact I've even seen people out with range balls :-) I found a TP5 last Friday looked like it had been hit once bargain as I'd just smashed my pro v1 into the deep rough so IDEAL swap out, Saturday I braved LLanymynech am/am with it and successfully guided it around for 18 holes, So Sunday medal the next day, I liked the feel and re-marked it up with my design and OFF went. The poor thing lasted another 18 holes and still looked in good shape. it's been hit for 76 and 82 shots (mostly putts I'll add at my home course #Slopey) I'll stop rambling on and get to the point, how long do you use your balls for? and ideally when should you change them out?
  3. A new week started yesterday with a fantastic and very well run 10th anniversary day out at #TheShire sadly 32pts didn't cut it again :-( Saturday is the challenge bowl/cup @Moseley in Birmingham #AnotherMedal Sunday is my new clubs - club champs 36 holes starting for me at 8.12am Goals: no triple bogeys all weekend, play to my handicap, better course management a must. Commit and enjoy simples.