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  1. Hi there Algolf. There are a couple of members in and around the Leeds area in our society and slightly farther afield (I play and am based in Derby!). Go and have a look on our website, we're always looking for new guys. Most of us are alright....
  2. You'll be fine, it's just like a couple of rounds on a pitch and putt with a longer walk in between holes. And some water. And with some more hills. And wicked greens. Still, the chips are lovely
  3. Played both on the same day a couple of years ago, both really good courses. Shame it was bucketing down with rain most of the day but held up really well. One of the courses looks like the Somme after a bombardment, sooo many bunkers - most of which I avoided
  4. Sorry Chris, can't make this one - jetting off early evening Friday
  5. I got myself a cheap one, still use it. It's not really about sharpening the grooves, it's just opening the lower ones up a bit because the edges roll over. Takes a bit of practice to use one on the later V grooves but it's not that hard to do. Always clean the mud out first and use a little drop of oil to lubricate the sharpener. I then use my carborundum oil stones to hone the face flat afterwards - that does sharpen the edges! Then clean again. Only problem I found was that it took the paint out of the bottom of the grooves.
  6. Superstrong hopefully? Not tried the irons but used to use their woods and still have a couple of wedges. Well made bits of kit, reasonably priced for the specification.
  7. Coming over to see Melvin with me then Darren?
  8. Pete The new website is up and running so if you want to register and join in you're more than welcome. We're trying to limit the amount of spam and stuff so at the moment registration will be done by the admin people so may take a couple of day to come through, but you'll then have full access. Only two games up at the moment, but there will be more coming. It's Look forward to seeing you Tim
  9. Hi Pete. Not sure if you've heard anything from anyone but the County Golf League is a decent start for someone from your area. Loads of people from around Sheffield play. We do a round a month and play some cracking courses as part of a league, generally have a matchplay comp and go out and about when the opportunity arises. The website is down at the moment being rebuilt (it will be ) when it's up and running again. We do travel around a bit, first game this year is at Mapperley (Nottingham), I normally organise one near Derby but we do lots up your way. It's free to register and games are usually in the £25 - £35 range on Saturdays or Sundays, and there's usually about 20+ of us. Will keep my eye on this thread and give you a shout when the website is up again (should be 1st Feb) if you're interested.
  10. This has long been a bugbear of mine. I understand the manufacturers position in as much as they want to avoid any bad reviews, the need to protect their reputations and the overriding need to sell ever increasing amounts of equipment to us punters, but, and it's a big but, I feel that the point has been reached where they have become hyper critical to any criticism - and that only benefits them and not us. You only need to see most reviews of the latest drivers. Why do they categorise them into budget, mid range and premium? Simply because if a £90 Dunlop driver is just as good as a £300 Callaway they're going to be pissed off - even worse if it outperforms it. Not really a relevance to the OP, but I would love to see a Which? style mag for equipment, with the magazine buying the kit and independently testing it. Oh to dream..
  11. Just the 24 for me. Of course some of those have more than 1 course..
  12. Might sound a bit controversial, but getting a club pro to do fitting is, in my opinion, a bit like getting a taxi driver to give you driving lessons. OK, an exaggeration, but not always too far wide of the mark. Many years ago I had my clubs built by a proper club builder, he used his years of experience to get a set that were tailor made for me and my swing then (or so I thought*) and after I'd used them a few times took them back and we discussed what needed to be done to fit me even better. It took me a long time to get used to them but they are perfect. He's kept my file and when I damaged the 7 iron he had the exact shaft measurements to fit a new one (they're Nissins, generally only come in sets). He's also corrected many sets of nearly new clubs that had been fitted for clients but weren't anywhere near the correct spec (some from the Belfry pro shop). Most of them come from Golf barns though. Well worth trying to find a local club builder and get them checked - although it's worth noting that cast heads can't generally be tweaked more than once, they break. Probably not as expensive as you'd think either. * He later admitted to me that he'd actually overspecified the shafts because he thought I'd get there eventually
  13. First is tree lined and appears narrow, OB all down the left, second OB down right. Then a couple of doglegs, long par 3, then water etc. Easier the second time
  14. Is that the Pestana resort at Gramacho (Carvoiero)? If so it's a bit out of the way from where we're used to. I think there's a few restaurants on the site, should definitely be some in Lagoa. Loads of stuff in Praia da Rocha, just whizz up the N125 and go in the harbour route. As for the courses, they're all good - the group of us who go in February all have different favourites but I think Gramacho probably tips it for me. It's close though and it's down to nitpicking. Pinta has a long slog back up to the clubhouse from the 18th, Alto has two tiring monster par 5's to finish (600m) and a couple of municipal par 3's on the back 9, Silves is stunning but the last two holes are a bit dull and Villa Sol is tight and unforgiving in places. All have cold beer in the clubhouse
  15. You should come with us to Portugal Owen! Nice Feb break and you could bring some prizes!