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  1. Veravista

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Better use my CONGU handicap then
  2. Veravista

    How far is too far !?

    Have driven from Derby to Exeter for a round, North Wales a few times and quite a lot of North Yorkshire too. Once flew up and back to play The Carrick at Loch Lomond in a day, but that was, er, research for Golfshake...
  3. Due to complete lack of IT ability the CGL website has now moved if anyone is interested Come on down
  4. Veravista

    Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    I've watched a fair bit of the BBC's coverage on the red button, Mrs V has been working late and I've got to say that it has been pretty amateurish stuff, especially when compared to Sky. They are just entirely relying on the host broadcasters feed, three out of the four or so commentary team only seem to be able to drone on in a monotone drawl and they don't even seem capable of silencing the oh so american dramatic incidental music. I'm not saying that Sky is perfect, but at least they have Wayne Riley on course at majors to liven it up a a bit.
  5. Veravista

    Drones on vLogs

    Still not convinced about the dangers of aircraft being hit by drones, especially the engines. How much does one weigh? Maybe some of the heavier ones will be quite a weight, but your average leisure version? I know for a fact that an engine can ingest a 2 kg duckling travelling at Mach 0.9 and still keep going so I can't imagine a kilo of plastic doing a huge amount of damage....
  6. Veravista

    No more golf

    Me too. A friend You see going to the pub usually involves coming back drunk, whereas a game of golf can take hours. Apparently. Reminds me of a joke about a man who was having an affair, used to spend the afternoon in bed with his mistress and then cover his golf shoes in grass. When his wife asked what he'd be doing all day he said that he been in bed with his mistress, but she took one look at his golf shoes and said 'liar, you've been playing golf...'
  7. Veravista

    Minchinhampton 36 Hole Comp 2017

    Good luck to everyone, have a good day. Would love to be there but will be thinking of you as I jet off to the sun later...
  8. Veravista

    Golf Partner

    Hi there Algolf. There are a couple of members in and around the Leeds area in our society and slightly farther afield (I play and am based in Derby!). Go and have a look on our website, we're always looking for new guys. Most of us are alright....
  9. Veravista

    Minchinhampton 36 Hole Comp 2017

    You'll be fine, it's just like a couple of rounds on a pitch and putt with a longer walk in between holes. And some water. And with some more hills. And wicked greens. Still, the chips are lovely
  10. Veravista

    Has anyone played Woodhall Spa

    Played both on the same day a couple of years ago, both really good courses. Shame it was bucketing down with rain most of the day but held up really well. One of the courses looks like the Somme after a bombardment, sooo many bunkers - most of which I avoided
  11. Veravista

    Minchinhampton 36 Hole Comp 2017

    Sorry Chris, can't make this one - jetting off early evening Friday
  12. Veravista

    Groove maintenance for irons

    I got myself a cheap one, still use it. It's not really about sharpening the grooves, it's just opening the lower ones up a bit because the edges roll over. Takes a bit of practice to use one on the later V grooves but it's not that hard to do. Always clean the mud out first and use a little drop of oil to lubricate the sharpener. I then use my carborundum oil stones to hone the face flat afterwards - that does sharpen the edges! Then clean again. Only problem I found was that it took the paint out of the bottom of the grooves.
  13. Veravista

    MD irons

    Superstrong hopefully? Not tried the irons but used to use their woods and still have a couple of wedges. Well made bits of kit, reasonably priced for the specification.
  14. Veravista

    The "MAGIC" golf move

    Coming over to see Melvin with me then Darren?
  15. Veravista

    New to Forum From Sheffield

    Pete The new website is up and running so if you want to register and join in you're more than welcome. We're trying to limit the amount of spam and stuff so at the moment registration will be done by the admin people so may take a couple of day to come through, but you'll then have full access. Only two games up at the moment, but there will be more coming. It's Look forward to seeing you Tim