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  1. Tempted to find a driver I can finally hit this year. Slight swing change and feeling more confident off the tee (mostly), so maybe a driver fitting will unleash some extra yardage to keep up with the youngsters!
  2. The difference between Par and SSS will depend on whether 36 is a true reflection on the stableford par for the course. if SSS is two shots less than par then 36 becomes 38
  3. We have Golf News in the clubhouse, good thing is you don't even need to carry one home as you can get the same mag online to view on tablet etc.
  4. Can't really see a huge issue. If you consider golfers to be honest then it's a non issue .... if you try to cater every rule for unscrupulous people then the rules will grow even more every year!
  5. Have seen a marked improvement in cobra in the last few years, definitely up to standard with many other manufacturers now!
  6. Have seen quite a few ping crossover in bags at my club, followed by the Srixon's ... although we are quite close to Srixon HQ
  7. That be Epic ... although it is hard to understand what is actually current in their lineup.
  8. Not sure which one is correct. Best score could really mean anything at all to each person. I guess since all our handicaps are administer via Stableford points it makes some sense. for me, my best score is currently showing as a 72 bit that was on a Par 69 course ... in my head my best score was a 73 that I shot on a Par 72 course! Each to to their own
  9. I agree with the logic, but if they are causing so much grief then sometimes it's just easier to let them past ... they usually won't go any further but you'll feel better about it and won't feel pressured again
  10. I always thought the idea of letting people play through was for when they were playing faster than the group in front (whether the faster group is a two ball, a four ball, or a singleton). Keeping up with the group in front is good for general pace of play overall but allowing people to play through if they are faster will probably be better in the long run as it'll cause you less hassle being away from people that are annoying
  11. Not tried them myself, but have seen very few bad comments about them in the GolfMonthly forum about them. to be honest you said in July that you had a few years supply of e6, so I'd be quite happy to keep going with those until you need to change. It's not like you are looking for best ball on the planet, by the time you need some more there will probably be another two generations of ball available .... plus there's always eBay for one hit wonders.
  12. From the rules .... Q. Is it permissible to sharpen the grooves on my wedges with tools commercially available on the Internet? A. Rule 4-1b states that “Any part of a club that has been purposely altered is regarded as new and must, in its altered state, conform to the Rules.” Sharpening the grooves on the face of an iron club would be regarded as a modification, even if the action is merely restoring the grooves to their original state. Therefore, as such, the grooves would be required to conform to the Rules and, in the case of pre-2010 models, the grooves would be required to conform to 2010 groove specif So if your confident that a cheap tool can achieve the hugely exacting standards and dimensions that specify the groove depth, angle, roundness of edge of the original equipment then go for it .... my interpretation is that it's impossible for a handheld tool to achieve such preciseness of those measurements.
  13. If it makes zero difference to your game then don't bother buying them. Quite a personal choice, so nobody can really tell you that one way is right.
  14. £10 on NowTV and you get a whole weeks worth of SkySports
  15. Not sure i understand why a major needs to be an Open comp, seems a quite arbitrary choice. Removal and addition of a major is a huge thing, what do the record books show, is a previous winner of a major that is removed still a major winner? Do winners of the other remaining majors become slam winners if they have held the other majors? Do current slam winners no longer become slam winners if another major is added ? just adding a comp in the Southern Hemisphere for the sake of it seems just as strange ... spreading the majors around the world has never really been the point of the majors (pretty much what the WGC does isn't it? ) personally i I don't see the need to change anything about what we currently have.