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  1. Best finishing comment I've ever seen to a first post by someone not even connected to the person being discussed. Caped Crusader!
  2. Still can't figure out how to add pics on here. I did add a quick one on Monday, but now on Twitter/Instagram too
  3. Great break at The Vale, 2 rounds on the National were wildly different (alcohol intake probably affecting one of them more than the other). highlight though was day1 when on the third hole I managed my first Hole in One !!! Absolutely buzzing over it, quite surreal to see it drop and actually didn't know what to do for a little while, kind of stunned! Whats next on the golfing list of things to do then?
  4. Skechers are currently on the feet, with Puma Biofusion, Footjoy Hyperflex and Adidas Boost in rotation all the time. They all go through the same abuse of seasonal weather conditions. All holding up well ... it's been year since I threw away shoes based on poor condition (got rid of my black Adidas Tour 360 because they shape had been lost in them, but they were still perfectly serviceable and would have carried on) I've never seen such poor condition of golf shoe as those puma and would be interested to hear what they say about them. As I said I love mine and a few other guys I know have bought on my recommendation, so amazed to see yours so bad. I'd definitely be asking them to comment on what's happened to them. BTW. Heel issues I've always found to be poor fitting. I've never had any heal issues with my adidas and they are usually punished but I always buy 9.5w in them and they are like a glove (even trainers) those ecco look just as poor too
  5. It's now official, I can't make this day Building work at school has dragged out beyond the half term, so I can't affor d to be away on first day back. Sorry Darren and all others, very disappointed. Hope you have a great day, my only saving grace is that I have a game there on Friday.
  6. The facilities exist, so no real cost to the course itself. Although who is actually making any money from this transaction is debatable. I assume teetimes take a cut of the fee, and the course receives the rest, how much is left for the course is the big question, and then how many of those tee slots at that price are available. Quite possible that the course would earn more from a quick drink the bar afterwards than from the fee itself!
  7. Visiting The Vale Resort down Cardiff way, staying for 3 days with our society. Weather looking decent too, so hopefully find my golf game to enjoy the rounds too!
  8. I had a similar promise a few years ago that I would not buy anything and if my results got me to Cat1 then a new set of irons could be bought. Well it happened and I got fit and bought new irons ... only to watch my handicap creep all the way back up to 6.6 a year or so later ! I did wonder then after that if my game was improving enough for my handicap to drop then why would I immediately change the equipment that got me those improvements!
  9. The SSS calculation also gives an exact number (like your handicap) that is rounded. So a course with 72.4 can make changes and be changed to 71.5 and still have no change to actuall SSS. Or, as my old course found out, remove a bunker can make a tiny change, and yet still affect SSS, ie moving from 71.5 to 71.4 !!
  10. Yardage is only one part of SSS calculations. Have a search for the SSS booklet on, it describes it much better than I can!
  11. Yesterday I walked off thinking my round was ruined by poor putting, looking at the stats I'd say my 37 putts were terrible, particularly when I had a zero and single putt in there ... but the 4x three putt greens made it feel terrible and accounted to dismal +0.1 round
  12. I tried those, quite thick material and didn't like the feel of them. Also the first one I tried lasted about 14 holes before it ripped across the elastic when I was pulling it on. back to Srixon Cabretta for me!
  13. Picked up some Skechers at the end of last year after winning a comp at my last club ... Nice and comfy and will get some good wear in summer. currently rotating Puma Bio Fusion and Footjoy Hyperflex. Hyperflex are very comfy but not great when it's wet. Bio Fusion are superb, but don't like them muddy, so usually wear then clean and leave for a week before they come back out.
  14. How late can I leave it before comitting?
  15. Will all depend on start time and whether I can earn enough brownie points at work