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  1. 'the powers that be' are your own competitions organisers, it's there decision to decide on how the format of the competition is decided. Personally I've seen a team of high handicappers a beat a low handicap team on regular occasions in a scramble.
  2. It has very little to do with 'golf' in general and more to do with your course layout, the course manager and greenkeepers. They are the people that can determine that fairways have long carrys etc.
  3. If one player has left then I doubt anybody would be happy with that player continuing in the competition, whether the 2nd player can continue will depend on the format and possibly club rules too (although most club rules are to ensure the players are still members, rather than one player leaving). If the format is betterball then the single player could continue (obviously with handicaps determined exactly the same way as if the missing player was still playing) , if the format is foursomes (or greensomes) then bad luck the player can't continue to play on their own.
  4. Maybe there's just not that many rules related queries ... there are lots of other forums and plenty of people. Doesn't mean forum areas need to be closed! Merry Xmas
  5. I think there are too many commas, it should be 'sherbet orange'
  6. It's just about the only time you must replay a shot during stroke play (and hence why I knew the rule). Unfortunate in this case, as him not knowing he could of replayed is gonna be costly in the long run too. simplier rules is obviously the target but they are never gonna be 'hit it in the hole' simplistic. Radical changes will cause much confusion even when they are introduced as people won't read the new rules either!
  7. Brian T


    As above, play speed golf .... but strictly speaking the player retains the honour if no player beats their score.
  8. Pairs would allow partners to advise each other though and hence wouldn't be allowable (even if you said you didn't do that the fact is that conferring on shots is allowed). The reason for asking for away comps and team comps to be returned is for end of year review. To see if players are fiddling the system and playing poorly in qualifiers and the winning all the pairs and team events.
  9. Treated as a one man qualifier against SSS, so yes you can get cut and go up 0.1 Not sure I understand what you meant by the pairs invitational though. Supplementary should be your own card only, not part of any pairs comp.
  10. 5 points is correct, and effectively you scored a nett zero! generally you would only give them names on your gross score, so you scored a birdie ...of course there is no hard and fast rules for that so fall it whatever you want
  11. Surprising round of 74 on Sunday (2 over), CSS didn't move, and 40 pts got me a win on count back (1 under, and 22 pts, on the back). Presidents Prize board comp, and a cut to Category 1 .... quite happy
  12. 6 hrs 'ish each day, starting on red button (online, iplayer etc etc) then on bbc2 for last few hours. seems fine for me, couldn't care less who introduces it all, etc as that's a good time for toilet break etc. Just wanna watch the golf (and I have sky already, so I'd be watching it anyway) moving to bt sports for masters will mean even worse viewing figures ... but it appears the owners don't care about viewing figures just the money they earn from selling the rights, as the R&A have already proven with The Open, and now Masters are doing again.
  13. Huge potential for more viewers has got to be good. sky viewing figures are tiny compared to bbc, and I don't believe that the potential lack of the gizmos from sky would mean anything to new players watching (and surely the growing the game is for new players, not new viewers). The pictures will be from us broadcaster anyway so sky will not add much to the visuals anyway. now if bbc can snatch the first two days of masters coverage too then that would be huge.
  14. Best finishing comment I've ever seen to a first post by someone not even connected to the person being discussed. Caped Crusader!
  15. Still can't figure out how to add pics on here. I did add a quick one on Monday, but now on Twitter/Instagram too