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    Just a question regarding the tee boxes for general club competitions. Why is golf geared to the "younger players" who can hit the ball miles and clear the initial 150 yards on a par 4 or so with ease. I am a player with too many years behind him so I feel I can't compete even though I have a high handicap. Off the competition tees, golf is a totally different game. So the high handicap doesn't really work for the more 'elderly' player. Why can't there be a system where your handicap dictates which tee box to use in club competitions. I could leave my club I suppose and use a pay and play facility for fun rounds but that's not what I want. I like my club and I love golf, but the battle between the 300+ drivers and the course pin positions to fight back and "protect the course" is winning the dual. I would love to play from a tee box that reflects my ability in a competition and give me half a chance.