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    I have owned one 300 rounds with lots of issues, followmode - tires - weak material fattigue, many solved by excellent service from Stewart, until yesterday. When playing and on fairway in follow mode I Heard a crash - The handle crashed broke 4 cm from the connectioon where you fold the top. Stewart refused to accept claim, so had to buy a new one, while stcuk with this 2.700€ marvelouse trolley, when it works…
  2. I have had simular problems with follow function among other issues, and almost all have been delt with instantly. I had to buy one extra handunit to be able to use the trolley while sent in the onje not working well. Claimed my initial one today that stopped functioning again - got response buy a new one :-( I have use mine 300 rounds in Sweden and our conditions - yesterday when in follow mode I Heard a crash turned around and the upper part from the handle of trolley fell off ??? Claimed Stewart for material fatigue, 300 rounds no violent use and it broke down in follow mode running over a minor hole on fairway. The only weight oon handle top were towel and a isolated bottle holder with 50cl Cold water. Stewart refused to admit material fatigue on their 2.700€ Trolley, that they said ite strong material enough - NOT FOR ME, when it fell off after probably 300 bumpy runs on fairways in Sweden temp between 0 - +40C - must been worn out. Its workable without handle but risky passing open bridges and parking lots, so had to BUY A NEW HANDLE, that they have in stock? Why they keep them in stock if they so STRONG ENOUGH, I can only guess... But when you test one you feel thats it weak and shaky construction