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  1. Packerman

    not shoulder but upper arm muscle

    I have had excruciating pain in my elbow since last August. I have seen the doctor & am now under treatment with a physio to rectify my problem. You might need to see a pro about your clubs, grip or swing or worse case a multiple of them to see whats wrong. I also have had pains in my wrist & also in my fingers all to do with the tendons which cause the pain.
  2. Packerman

    Minchinhampton 36 Hole Comp 2017

    Yet again missing this event. I haven't been able to play golf since August due to tennis elbow.Hope you have another great day Chris
  3. Packerman

    PGA National (belfry)

    How did it go? did you enjoy it? On the couple of times I played the PGA I thought that it was a very good challenge.
  4. Packerman

    golf partner/group

    Hi there, I am playing a round at Hunstanton on Thursday afternoon at 14:30 providing the weather is agreeable, I'm not sure how far away that is from you but if interested email me on [email protected] All the best Mark
  5. Packerman

    Carry or Trolley ?

    I am 100% carry (unless there is a high possibility of rain when I'll use the trolley reluctantly to help keep the clubs dry.)
  6. Packerman

    Competition formats

    we have regular comps of Medals & stablefords bi weekly mid week & weekends. My favourite one is the 2 ball Texas Scramble we used to have for the Turkey Trot. Last couple of years I seem to only make Medals hard to keep going when you blow up early.
  7. blast yet again I'll have to give it a miss, I am really looking forward to playing here again sometime. Oh well hope you have a great day Chris