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  1. I'm confused by the original poster's reluctance to pay the prices for rounds of golf at the Belfry and St Andrews but mentions he'd paid for Birkdale which is now over £200 per round, Hillside at £135 per round, Formby at £140 and these are midweek rates. I'm never keen to pay more than £100 for a round of golf and try to find an open competition at a club I want to play.
  2. I change mine every 3 years as the grooves look worn after a period of time. The grip you get on new wedges is worth the investment.
  3. I have a question about rules and start times. We had a scheduled competition for 4 man texas scramble teams, 1 player drops out on the morning of the event in 2 separate teams. Can they join up and, if so, when should they tee off as the time for their tee slot has elapsed whilst waiting for the fourth player to arrive. Should the team be disqualified if they play at the end of the competition? I can answer any questions and provide further clarity but I am unsure of what to do in this instance. The teams were down players through no fault of their own, decided to join up and have been disqualified for teeing off after the last tee time allocated.