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  1. Sam Ruddle

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Afraid not! We had to move our first work golf society day of the year at a Stoneham in April because of the bad weather, but something came up which meant I still had to use the day off! So I’ve got 1 less day of leave left than expected so will have to give it a miss this year.
  2. Sam Ruddle

    'Play Your Best' Stats feedback

    Hi Darren, OK perfect, let me know when it's done and i'll take a look. Yeah I added in my round from last weekend and just about to do this weeks, so will take a look at the various reports once there's a couple of rounds of data in there.
  3. Looking at the 'Handicap Reports - Handicap History' report on the website it's showing mine at 11.1 since I joined in 2014. However If i go to the 'My Handicap' page it shows it as 5.2 which is correct as i've been manually adjusting as and when I get a cut/increase at my home club/open events. Why isn't the report the same and will it impact on the other reports/targets set?
  4. Sam Ruddle

    Zepp golf

    I bought a Blast Golf sensor late last year which I believe is similar to Zepp, stick it on the end of your club and records swing tempo, speed, back swing time, down swing time etc? If so then I think they're fantastic pieces of kit! Blast aims to train you to get the supposed perfect tempo of 3 to 1 on full shots. I've always had the bad habit of getting quick on downswing and coming over the top. Using blast I was able to see the difference between my back swing and down swing times and what the tempo is. Taking this extra info to my pro in my lessons, we were able to speed up my back swing time by getting the wrists set earlier in the swing. This meant the back swing didn't feel rushed (like when I tried to just increase back swing speed on my own on the range) and even enabled me to pause at the top of back swing and not need to slow down my down swing. I've also recently been and had a 2 hour Sam Putt Lab putting assessment with a putting specialist at a course in a nearby county, some of the changes we made were major. Normally you'd need to go back for another lesson to check whether these changes have stuck/are working. But using Blast with my putter i've been able to compare my info from before lesson and after and can see that i'm on the right track. I've also been able to send my pro some of the stats and video for further feedback. @Ricey155 I think in another post you said you're self taught? Sometimes you need that more experienced opinion/knowledge of what the data is actually telling you, to point you in the right direction of what needs to change.
  5. Sam Ruddle

    Get Fitted Yes or No

    Personally I think you should always get your clubs fitted, or at least compare your own vs any potential purchase on some sort of launch monitor. Depending how serious you take your golf, then i'd say you have 2 options: Don't have golf lessons and rarely practice, just like to get out on the course. In which case get fitted for a set of irons which will work with your current swing and gain you some yards/tighter dispersion, which ever you need help with most. If you are having lessons, then wait until you've had a few lessons and you've made all the major changes. Then if you still want new clubs again get fitted for something that will work with you swing and help with areas you're struggling. There's so many places that offer fittings these day, in my eyes it's really a no brainer.
  6. Sam Ruddle

    Callaway Rogue review ......

    I've just finally upgraded my Callaway FT-Hybrid (I'm talking the 2007 or older one - its so old it's not even on golf bidder!) to the Rogue Hybrid. The past couple of years I'd tried the M1 and Titleist Hyrbids, but they just couldn't get near my old one in terms of ball flight or distance. I've always used a 17* hybrid as in the summer I'm hitting it past most of my home club members drives anyway and it's so easy to shape. But thought with Jail Break i'd benefit from some added forgiveness and so far it's been great. First full round was at Broadstone last week and I didn't hit driver at all! We were off yellows so course not at it's longest, but then again it was wet so not run on the ball at all. Just wish this weather would sort itself out so can get out there and play some more!
  7. Sam Ruddle

    Lifting your ball OFF the green?

    Yeah as @TheLyth said, you can have a ball marked pretty much anywhere on the course (bunkers is probably one of the places you'd see it most) but you can't clean the ball like when marking on the green.
  8. Sam Ruddle

    Anyone in Gloucester play golf

    HI @builder-steve I'm not a Gloucester local as I'm Swindon (Wiltshire) based, but I tend to play in a fair few of the Gloucestershire County Order of Merit events so I know you've got plenty of quality courses to try out in that area! Chipping Sodbury, Cotswold Hills and Ross on Wye are all worth trying out.
  9. Sam Ruddle

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Having previously booked Minch for a works golf society, I can confirm you've managed to get a good deal for this! I've logged my interest as need to check work dates and annual leave allowance first!
  10. Sam Ruddle

    Any news on the North v South 2018?

    Where was last years? For some reason I've got Minchinhampton in my head, but could be completely wrong. Yeah i'd be interested this year depending on dates.
  11. Sam Ruddle

    Evening peeps!

    Hi all, Newbie to the forum but been using golf shake to keep track of scores and stats for a good 2 or 3 years now! Fantastic set of stats which I use in conjunction with keeping a record of my putting strokes gained in a spreadsheet. Sam
  12. Hi guys, Just been having a look at the updates to the stats and it's looking great, I've even heard a rumour of strokes gained coming soon for putting?!? Anyway, I was just looking at the 'Play Your Best' stats and there seems to be an issue/confusion with the '3+ Putt' stat and 'Penalties' stat. To me, the 'Best' round for these would be the round with the lowest number of 3+ putts and the same for penalties. Most of the other stats are looking for the highest number i.e. stableford points, pars made, birdies etc in a round to then display that round. To me it looks like the same coding has been used for 3+ putt and penalties when it should be the opposite. Hopefully that makes sense! Sam