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  1. Can't quite figure out if I have managed to join the Golfshake League, but I was already registered with the European Fantasy Tour last year, and have registered again for 2018.
  2. Would love to go, but already committed to the Senior Open at Ramsey Golf Club
  3. Fast approaching the end of 2015. Weather permitting, I should be able to get in a couple more rounds of golf before the New Year. Here's hoping for good things in 2016.
  4. A few highlights in 2015, starting off with a change of destination for my usual 1 week golfing holiday. Me and a golf buddy went to Morocco in January. We weren't very adventurous, playing just 3 courses - two rounds at each. It was also my first try at a 'fully inclusive' break. Later in the year played a course I hadn't played before - Brampton Park. Had a great day, organised by a Past Captain at my club, good weather and got in the prizes. Not the best course to play 27 holes at though - had to walk back from the furthest point away from the clubhouse after the extra 9 holes! Finally - my Club covered the Marshalling (at the 16th hole) at Woburn for the British Masters, and I spent the full 5 days there (including the Pro-am).