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  1. I'm IN!!! #Defendingchamp
  2. Shaunb, Aberdovey has been on my wish list for years & cannot wait. Any tips?
  3. Sorry Chris, but the defending champ won't be able to attend as I'll be trying to win another title in Aberdovey with David Homer & Daniel Alavarez. Hope everyone has a great day.
  4. Count me out!
  5. Rob, do you have the standard or auto version?
  6. Looking to trade my FW3 in for a smaller lighter model. Been looking at the Motocaddy M1 Pro or the GoKart. Anybody got any horror stories or rave reviews about these? Cheers.
  7. I said this back in December'2015!!
  8. If this isn't finalised soon I can imagine people will get frustrated & make other arrangements.
  9. What month is 'Tuesday' in?
  10. Oh dear, I own 8 pairs!
  11. And..........
  12. Didn't spot that!