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    Confusion on HC

    Okay, I think I know why, correct me if I'm wrong. It's changing every hole to a scratch net double bogey max, so it would end up at 42 HC. Lists him as 41.5. So I think I get it now.
  2. Speeedy14

    Confusion on HC

    Hello, So to make our group a bit fairer and competitive each month I'm going to recalculate the handicaps based off of the previous month. So when I do that one of our older members is getting a 41 handicap which I don't understand. His best round was 111 on a par 70 with an SSS of 67. Now 41 plus 70 is 111 I get that, but isn't HC based off of SSS so his handicap should be 111 - 67 = 44. So a handicap of 44 surely? Any help would be appreciated.