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  1. Thank you! The Golf Course by me gives group lessons that are about $125.00 for 3 or 4 lessons with I think 5 people or so in the class. I have already asked when their first class will be and will see if I can attend.
  2. Hello, Ok, I am VERY new to golf. My daughter (at my behest) played three years of HS golf and got quite good at it. We have played a few times together and I have played a couple of times with friends. I have heard the best way to learn is to go to a pro and take lessons. I am disabled and frankly don't have the money to do that. I have a set of clubs that were given to me by a friend. I did purchase my own putter which I like. But to be honest, Hitting that pebble off the tee is a challenge. I played a lot of baseball, football, lacrosse, and hockey in my youth but this game I find challenging just to get the ball into play. My driver looks like what some of these people are using as a fairway wood, and I am considering getting myself a new (read preowned), driver. I do have back issues and where I wouldn't have the money to play every week I would like to get good enough to hit the ball off the Tee...We can work on straight after I can get it to go. Am I approaching this incorrectly? Oh, and the username...that's no joke LOL Thanks in advance!!!