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    Hello Fellow members, Do you guys believe that an application can improve your golf techniques? Today I am here to discuss my experience with golf learning costly tutorials. To be very honest I am not at all pleased with my previous lessons. I have noticed that it is beneficial for early age learners where they can know basic about Golf and basic golf techniques. However where they get fail is the tutor really cannot focus on an individual learner. I have tried to get enroll in plenty of guaranteed coaching lessons but the result was not as expected. But instead of losing faith I have found tech support to learn Golf. I came across an application named 15 Minute Golf Coach. I got surprised when I started using it. The App consists of 7 training programs, 32 lessons in a total of 10 hours of lessons. 5 lessons are free, each of 15 minutes. Rest of the 27 lessons are paid and trust me, friends, it is worth spending. Here I am sharing a link to the app in faith of it is gonna help my friends to improve their golf game techniques.https://goo.gl/H9bZn7 Unique video tutorials, Exclusive audio guides, and tailored guidance helps a lot. The app is BMA 2018 silver nominee. I urge you all to have a look at it once and share your views. Thanks & Regards,