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  1. Hi mate thanks for the reply I don’t mind traveling either around the midlands as Stratford is only 30 mins from me. I’m free most weekends for a game so whenever your ready let me know Regards michael
  2. Just an update still playing regular on my own it’s now been 12 months of playing and I’ve managed to score my best ever round of 95 which has brought my average score down to 101.6 over 21 rounds. Still looking for playing partners around the midlands or Worcestershire area for a casual game. cheers michael
  3. Hi all I am new to golf picked up my first ever club in may this year and have been playing on my own for the last 6 months mainly on Sunday mornings to practice. I joined my local club as a 7 day pass was only £9pw so thought great value for a challenging par 69 course and ideal for beginners as not to long some nice short par 4s. I’m beginning to get a little fed up of playing on my own and looking for a playing partner as my mates only play once every few months due to commitments and I like to play every week to get better and enjoy being out on the course. I’m still struggling with scores and on average score between 100/120 with my best being 99. I play courses in the south birmingham and Worcestershire area and if anyone is free one Sunday morning get in touch would love a game cheers Michael