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  1. Hi I am based in Leeds. Just looking to play more often. If you fancy a round anytime please get in touch. Cheers Rob
  2. Hi I am also looking to meet people to get back into playing more regularly. I am based in Leeds, tend to play at Cookridge or Wike but happy to try new courses. If you fancy a round anytime feel free to get in touch. Availability is mainly weekends. Cheers Rob
  3. Sounds good. I tends to be down at weekend as during the week I am working in Leeds. If we can arrange one weekend or evening when you are free though that would be good
  4. Hi Although I live in Leeds I am from Loughborough and my family live there so I am there quite regularly. I am also looking to play more often, maybe we could arrange something if you are interested. I have heard beedles lake is a good course. If you are interested please get in touch. Cheers Rob
  5. Hi pete I am looking for playing partners in Leeds. I have played a few times at Cookridge as a guest and I enjoy the course. If you fancy a round anytime please get in touch. Cheers Rob
  6. Hi I am fairly new to Leeds so looking to find people for a game. If you are interested anytime please feel free to get in touch. Rob
  7. Hi I am in Leeds and looking for people to have a round with. If you fancy a game anytime, mainly weekends get in touch Rob
  8. Hi I am 26 years old and moved to Leeds about a year ago. I have always enjoyed playing golf but haven't ever been in the routine of playing regularly. I met a couple of friends through my wife and we play maybe once every couple of months but I am looking to go more often. I feel this would be a good way to make this happen and also meet people in the area. I haven't got a handicap or anything yet, just enjoy getting out and having a game. If anyone is interested let me know. Cheers Rob