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  1. I would hope that serious users like Shiels and 4golfonline have been on the CAA courses but who knows. The sad truth is there will be a drone strike on an aircraft in the next two years, maybe less. This is based on the number of near misses in the last 24 months. Until the CAA do something about it, near misses will continue until there is a hit. When the drone hits, chances are it'll miss the engines and most likely take out a leading edge or radardome. If one does get ingested by an engine, modern turbofans will mange to push it to the bypass and it'll miss the core. Best case it'll only nick a few blades. Worst case, some blades will detach, the engine will be out of balance and need to shut down. A bit of an annoyance but the plane will make it down safely. (Actually worst case it'll make it to the core, take out a compressor and that'll penetrate the wing and a fuel leak but that's lottery odds.) It's a risk planes don't need so don't take them into controlled airspace and remain VFR. But in the meantime, I think they're a brilliant invention and I love seeing the footage on YouTube.
  2. Evening all, long time lurker first time poster! We talked about this on the podcast, for me this is last chance saloon for the BBC. I was a big supporter of The Open on the BBC until I reached an epiphany circa 2015. For the first two days of The Open at St Andrews I was in America and watched it on ESPN and NBC I think but don't quote me on that. Here's what's crazy, ESPN (I think) didn't have the rights to show the golf for the first two days but they still did Live From The Open coverage, the wonderful Frank Nobilo discussing golfy things, brilliant preview shows. Meanwhile on the other channel they showed live coverage and they'd Shot Tracked the heck out of the Old Course. Phil hitting the hotel balcony on 17 with a beautiful tracer. I flew back to the UK on the Saturday, thankfully most of the golf had been cancelled that day ;-) I then watched the golf on the BBC and it was amateur hour. Alliss, who I've admired for a long time, seemed stale. Brown floating ducks down the Swilken. Pithy remarks don't keep the audience anymore. Fast forward to last weekend. Sky Shot Centre, Rickie Fowler playing - and talking- every shot on demand, Jon Rahm doing Seve 4 irons from the bunker, and my favourite, Shot Tracer with map overlay (a Fox innovation). This is the standard for golf broadcasting (incidentally a rival American podcast agrees). So this is the standard for the BBC to meet. No Lineker interviewing. No Inverdale (the charmed one). Eilidh Barbour gave a good account of herself, get Andrew Cotter as main commentator, Brown, Alliss to chip in and a decent ex-player (Rich Beem incidentally is a revelation.) Pro Trace it, the works. No ducks. BBC this is your last chance.