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  1. Wow looks amazing Hang on, i live there DAMN HOT
  2. I think the question is now can he win more? I have noticed there really is a pattern when GOOD pros finally get their 1st major, those usually in the running for best pro never to have won, half of them think that is great my career is complete and fade away Majorly the other he clearly think, shit that was easy just like winning another tournament, lets go win another one. Overly simple of course, but i think Sergio is going to win a few in quick succession and be happy when he is on 3 or 4... 1 is nice you win 3 or 4 you are a top golfer of your generation, Sergio deserves to get there and i think he will! I have made up a U.S OPEN QUIZ, i warn you, it is quite tough! U.S. OPEN QUIZ 2017
  3. Hi, if well if you have never been to Italy previously? ROME is a city that you need to visit, there are golf courses but i would mention Golf in Italy is not often cheap so you should have a healthy budget! I play at donnafugatagolfresort sometimes but it is 150 euro for a round (Italian Open was there two weeks ago) so not exactly budget golf Realistically unless you are 100% addicted to golf golf golf, a visit from the UK? to Italy is going to be more than just golfing, my favourite place is Sicily, then Rome, which is why i live in Sicily and visit Rome often! Italy is not a Spain, Portugal or Turkey when it comes to golf, even the 9 holer here costs plenty, but the views are amazing! VIEW OF 9 HOLE COURSE Where are you from?
  4. If you are going outwith the Summer Months i would suggest Sicily, the climate is significantly better than the rest of the country
  5. Damn, i just spent time scrolling up and down and realised this is for last year! If you re do this MINUS 5!
  6. Not sure what to say i like golf me