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  1. ladolcevita

    Golf trip in Italy

    Wow! thanks! Great! I try to win
  2. ladolcevita

    Golf trip in Italy

    Thanks for your suggestions. I'm from France and I have never been in Italy for playing golf but I visit Florence, Rome. I take a look to this website and there are many interesting golf courses and not all too expensive. If I want to go this autumn you have many suggestions? And for food? Thanks a lot!
  3. ladolcevita

    Golf trip in Italy

    Thanks so much for your suggestion! And in summer where can I go?
  4. ladolcevita

    Golf trip in Italy

    Have you ever been in Italy? Which are you favourite golf courses and why choose Italy? Take me some suggestions, please
  5. ladolcevita

    Golf near Florence

    Thanks for your suggestion! Castelfalfi is wonderful ad all Italy If you want take a look on this site for you next holiday bye!