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  1. Hi all I have set up the 2018 Golfshake European Tour fantasy league. It starts this week with the event in South Africa so be quick and get your team entries in. You will find the league by searching and the pin is tTsuWOMKi2 Im sure there will be some cool prize up for grabs at the end of the season. Be great to see as many of you in the league as possible. Matt
  2. Matt Holbrook

    New (to me) clubs

    Haha, I dont know what shafts the X18's have but I would only assume that moving away from a senior flex shaft would make a difference - but that is hard to judge without know how fast you are swinging the golf club.
  3. Matt Holbrook

    Golfshake.Com European Tour Fantasy League 2018

    Hi @Terry Gardner I can see your team in the league!
  4. Matt Holbrook

    Golfshake.Com European Tour Fantasy League 2018

    @OwenDavies with your knowledge from 'inside the ropes I'll give that a miss
  5. Matt Holbrook

    Reading Any Golf Books?

    I can highly recommend You. A Golf Guru. Great stocking filler with Xmas coming up.
  6. Matt Holbrook

    Twitter - Golfshake Members

    Hi All We used to have a thread on the older forum for all those member here that also use Twitter. Im sure for old and new it may be a good idea to start up a new one. I have met loads of great people (not particularly great golfers ;-) ) off the forums/twitter. My handle is @Mattholbrook86 leave yours below if you also use.
  7. Matt Holbrook

    Golfshake 10th Anniversary Golf Day

    I wasn't going to miss this. Look forward to catching up with everyone.
  8. Matt Holbrook

    What do you think of my vid?

    Lovely face.
  9. Matt Holbrook

    Portmarnock Links - Ireland.

    Whilst we were recently visiting The K Club we went down to play at Portmarnock Links - Wow, what a stunning golf course. If you're ever over there and have some time go and give it a try. Short video of the course below.
  10. Matt Holbrook

    St Ives Cambs Golf Club

    Very windy day at St Ives recently but did a bit of filming on the course.
  11. Matt Holbrook

    Saffron Walden Golf Club

    Recently visited Saffron Walden GC in Essex and filmed a short course vlog whilst we were there.
  12. Matt Holbrook

    Tour Caddy Experience

    Hi all I had seen from an article on here and all over twitter The Tour Caddy Experience where you go a play some golf with a Tour Caddy on your bag giving you course management tips and advice. Was a really great experience and one I couldn't recommend enough for anyone looking to improve their golf. I made a video of the day you can see here.
  13. Matt Holbrook

    North vs South 2017

  14. Matt Holbrook

    2017 North vs South - Team Captains

    @Wabinez Matt you played last time for Team South so can't see anything would change?
  15. Matt Holbrook

    What's the Most Scenic Course You've Played?

    For me this is easy. Kings Course at Gleneagles. <3
  16. Matt Holbrook

    Where in Wales?

    I'm looking at Nefyn for me up coming stag do! Looks amazing.
  17. Matt Holbrook

    Winter Golf

    Just wondered who packs up for winter and who carries on? We have a great winter league at Colne Valley which is pairs over 8 different rounds - Scramble, 3 clubs, ect into a league then the top 16 team go into KO rounds. Its really fun and mixes it up and have been getting a great turnout this year and make playing in the cold, windy and wet a bit of fun!
  18. Matt Holbrook

    Pinner Hill - North London

    A little different review, more so a VLOG of Pinner Hill Golf Club in North London.
  19. Matt Holbrook

    North vs South 2016

    Leave the poor guy alone.
  20. Matt Holbrook

    My Golfing Review 2016

  21. Matt Holbrook

    My Golfing Review 2016

    I have been lucky enough to play some amazing golf courses this year with some equally amazing people so thought id share some of my highlights.
  22. Matt Holbrook

    Golf Resolutions for 2017

    Mine this year is simple. Try to enjoy it more. Last few years I have really set some serious goals and worked hard towards them and had some real successes but the lower I have got the less I found I had enjoyed it as the expectation gets higher which is soon followed by frustration.
  23. Matt Holbrook

    hello.. new guy

    Good to have you with us! I'm sure a fair few are from up your way, no problem finding a game at all!
  24. Matt Holbrook

    What are the best golf waterproofs out now?

    @uncle chop chp Callaway do pairs that have 'poppers' on the bottom and are very good quality and easy to clean. Worth and try for about £40/ £50 quid.
  25. Matt Holbrook

    Uk Top 100 - have you played any?

    10 for me. Aiming to make it 20 next year