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  1. AAA

    Maximum hanicap in competitions

    Entry to comps may be limited by handicap normally for two reasons. 1) to limit the size of the field 2) to maintain the quality of entry (often done at county or national level) But if neither of these apply and the club simply wants to prevent high handicappers winning, then they may limit the handicap for winning prizes (to 24 say) and allow entry to any player BUT the player's full handicap MUST be used for handicap purposes.
  2. AAA

    Dead forum

    No post for three months. I'm off elsewhere.
  4. Webb Simpson after the Players. “Now you can be looking for a ball in the rough this high at a U.S. Open; if you step on it, it’s a penalty. It used not to be a penalty. So they have reversed that rule that saved the player from a mistake that anybody can make. Why would they change that rule”
  6. AAA

    New Rules of Golf - 2019

    Some good info here
  7. What about Alternative to Stroke and Distance The Committee Procedures allow for the introduction of additional relief options when a ball is lost outside a penalty area or out of bounds, by way of Model Local Rule E-5. This local rule is appropriate for general play where golfers are playing casual rounds or playing their own competitions. Under the CONGU® Unified Handicapping System scores must not be submitted for handicap adjustment if this local rule is in place. Where the Local Rule is in use for general play, the club must ensure they remind players it is not allowed when scores are to be submitted for handicap adjustment (Qualifying Competitions and Supplementary Scores).
  9. AAA

    New Rules of Golf - 2019

    Full confirmed details
  10. AAA

    Match play doubles

    Surely it would depend on whether the club rules or conditions of competition specifies the membership status of competitors. My Club rules uses the words Member or Members in relation to all competitions. Conditions of Competition refer to Players.
  11. AAA

    Was Men's Maximum Handicap ever 24?

    Could be some interesting local rules. I'll check them out if I ever manage to get there. But thanks for the invitation
  12. AAA

    Was Men's Maximum Handicap ever 24?

    The best I can get is 'Some time in the early 80's'.
  13. AAA

    Was Men's Maximum Handicap ever 24?

    Have you got a copy of the latest CONGU regs? It can be downloaded as a pdf from
  14. AAA

    Was Men's Maximum Handicap ever 24?

    The current limits are 54 for both men and women. If there was a 24 limit it was before my time but I have seen a lot of long established internal club (and open) competitions specifying a 24 limit. Of course there are new constraints specifying when such limits may be used.