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  1. http://www.stewartgolf.co.uk/trolleys/x9-follow/
  2. I purchased a Stewart x9 follow trolley under a month ago but immediately realised that the follow function wasn't working very well, in fact it was dreadful. I have used it on 8 separate occasions and at no time have I managed to get the trolley to follow me from tee to green. The x9 follow sales pitch & promotion film is a big selling point for this particular trolley. The follow function is £500 on top of the remote control version. I have sent it back to the manufacturer to be checked and was told by e-mail that it would be a further 6 days before it would be looked at, due to the large amount of trolleys being serviced which miffed me as I paid £1500 for this trolley that's not fit purpose and there seems little urgency from the technical support to check and rectify this problem. I phoned Stewart trolleys and spoke to customer support and was told that the head engineer dealing with this problem would call me back and guess what he didn't call. At this point I'm really disappointed with the trolley, the non call back. Has anyone else have a similar problem with this trolley?