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  1. Dive on Twitter and give this guy a shout, he's at Chrolton Cum Hardy (Guessing its close) Just been out in Spain with him and 40 guys, a fair few are from the Manchester area
  2. Flying with golf clubs

    Just spoke to Ryan Air, would appear they don't care whats in the bag as long as it's under 20kg
  3. Flying with golf clubs

    Just wondering what I can get away with putting in the golf club carry bag ? (RyanAir) Shoes, clothes and Towels ? Or is it just Clubs ?
  4. New (to me) clubs

  5. New (to me) clubs

    I really need to go onto one of these funky machines and find out I guess, wonder if AG will let me do that.. As long as they let me warm up
  6. New (to me) clubs

    System 75 Regular (there's a cw next to the 75)
  7. New (to me) clubs

    So I got myself a set of Benross Gold Speed (Senior Flex) Irons when I started playing in 2016, bought without advice and for what I thought was a good price (£139, 5-SW).. Well, I've really been enjoying playing with them, but have never felt 100% confident. 2 days ago a friend of mine has had to hang up his bag due to ill health and gave me his old clubs, a set of Callaway x-18's .. So, I literally picked one at random, and very weirdly felt confident with the club, so I went to the range with them, and fired a basket of balls, each swing feeling better and better. I cannot believe how different they feel, how much more confident I feel using them, and more importantly, how much more consistency there was with my shots, possibly a placebo effect, not sure, I just know I will be able to do wonders with them. Am not being delusional, I know that I am still going to have plenty of duff shots, but I believe I will have less duff, and more balls going where I want them to.. ( was also a lot straighter with the shots)... Is it normal that there can be such a difference between clubs and the fact that the feeling of confidence does aid in improving the shots (makes sense that it could)... Any thoughts ?
  8. How far should golf adapt?

    Amazing.. Knuckle Draggers... People then wonder why golf is perceived to have an "old school" secret handshake type underbelly... Yes, I get incensed about this old school garbage, all these narrow minded committee members need to be encouraged to open their minds or move on...
  9. Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    I've registered, so hopefully will get scrounging a lift with you Rob
  10. Charity Golf Events 2018

    I'd be interested
  11. A little bit of geek

    Am not too worried about the selling side, or for that matter making money, all I would be doing is hacking together modules that are already Open Source and doing a little bit of coding to tie it up. Bung it in a box, plug it in (or could go solar) and away you go...
  12. Rule Forum is it alive?

    Am sure there will be activity in here around the new Handicap
  13. Winner Winner, chicken Dinner

    Glencor is coughing up for the transport of my clubs, didn't realise it was so inclusive, they are organising everything !!!
  14. A little bit of geek

    So I do a fair bit of "geekness" for a living and was wondering if the following would be at all useful for Golf Clubs. Am thinking of writing a "how-to" and/or providing the information on how to build a weather station based on a Raspberry Pi, which can Tweet/Facebook course status (open, closed etc) and current weather conditions. To be honest, it's nothing new, just something I thought might be handy, this could be linked into a website so if the course status on the website were changed this could be picked up and used to prevent the need to update 2 lots of course conditions.. I have investigated doing this with a remote station, (now we get super geeky) using LoraWAN which could be done if there is coverage in the area. If there is, then a low power node using Solar power with battery backup could be placed elsewhere on the course, or maybe at a halfway hut if available. None of this is something that would break the bank, and might be good for golfers getting current info via Social Media... So, just some thoughts dribbling out of my head, which I have not invested much time into all aspects so quite possible I've missed something or overthought something which could be done easier Don't beat me up, but if you have thoughts on improving, please let me know, am happy to hack away at this..
  15. Get Fitted Yes or No

    Basically I went out and picked up these (at the bottom) when I started a year ago, mainly because they were the "right price" (£140 brand new).. I did have a lesson back then as well, and the pro said, they will do me for a while but would need more appropriate clubs, looking back, and having a little knowledge (always a bad thing), I am guessing he was referring to the senior flex shafts. I do intend on having more lessons this coming year, as my target is 18, but hoping for 15, I guess am ready to pull the trigger on a new set if advised. Benross Gold Speed Irons Aldila Gold Speed Senior Graphite Shafts