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  1. Am hoping to get out on Friday at Stratford Park (was Ingon), not been out at all this week, grim weather and work got in the way
  2. It will take a near miss, or in ingestion to cause a clamp down I think.
  3. Hey All, Before I start, I love drones and am not against them in any way, I have 2 .. HOWEVER, I see on youTube the likes of Rick Shiels, Peter Finch etc, the use or drones more and more, which gives some awesome views and perspectives.. I am worried that these guys are not appropriately insured or trained by a recognised body (BMFA).. Also, the heights I've seen them flying are way above the recommended/legal limits (above clouds = out of sight).. Being as they state being professional YouTubers they are operating drones for commercial work, and thereby need to be aware of the rules and regulations : Why am I bringing this up, a few reasons, the possibility of endangering Aircraft (people on board), 3rd party injury, ruining the flight of these by others who do it as a hobby within the guidelines and the personal loss by themselves if they get nicked... Whats your thoughts, remember, I like drones, I have drones, am not against their use..
  4. Stonebridge on Monday. had a family weekend, will be nice to get out and work off some of the food.. Also organising for the 72 Hole Longest Day challenge..
  5. Give Liam a shout, he's in the Manchester area I believe (Chorlton Cum Hardy)
  6. Welcome, am up the road a bit near Stratford Upon Avon, there a few courses I want to try down there, will give you a shout when am planning to have a knock around on them.
  7. Gotta say, I never get bored, maybe it's due to me not just trying to constantly knock the crap out of every ball, but as suggested, a purpose. Just need an imagination.. Maybe I have a good imagination. being ginger and having no friends
  8. Thats pretty much what I do, always get 150 balls.. First 20, are warm ups, never drive more than 2 Then Driver, 3 Wood, 9 or below 3 Wood, 4-8 iron, wedge (of choice) Just keep going like that, if I have a duff shot or feel I can improve, take 2 more shots, but I try not to take more than 4 shots with the same club, Once have around 50 balls left, I go up and down the bag.. I know that then when I walk away from the range, I've worked all my clubs, not just pounded the crap out of one or 2..
  9. looking forward to it, hills am ok with, water, does seem to attract me.. Chips !!!
  10. If you pay for me to get there, I will go round a few courses and let you know which is my favorite
  11. Day book off, first ever comp.. Go easy on me !
  12. hey and welcome
  13. The guy you need is Dave Ward :
  14. I went for a knock around with these guys at the weekend... Had a great time, and Birmingham based
  15. I've not known what summer golf is like yet Something to look forward to