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  1. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    I started playing golf last Aug/Sept.. And was hooked immediately, I joined a local club, and during the last year I have had very little social interaction, when I asked about getting involved in a Midweek Stableford, I was told just to find a partner. I asked how to do this within the club, the response.. Just find one Last night, was the nail in the coffin as far as the club is concerned.. I organised a social event, 10 players, 9 holes at the club on the phone, previously, my visitors have paid £10 for 9 twilight holes in the pro shop, when I phoned up and spoke to the receptionist, she told me it should be £15, when i explained that normally my guests have been paying £10, she said ok, but in future it would have to be £15.. Fair enough, not a problem... So we get to the club, the owner came out and asked to have a quick chat, and promptly told me that she was surprised at me bring so many guests (even though I had called and verified everything, booked tee's etc), and that the guests must pay £15 a head, AND that I have to go in today to discuss my membership, which for some obscure reason said she is considering suspending !!! Needless to say, I was quite flabbergasted at this, and whilst I can't say I didn't argue, I did make it clear that I was not happy and that had verified the cost, at which point she said, "it is your fault that I now will be sacking the receptionist and probably the Assistant pro for allowing guests on the course for £10".. Put quite a dampener on the evening to say the least. luckily my guests were ok with the extra fee... I'm wondering, is this kind of behavior normal for a golf club ?? Oh, there was also the incident at the beginning, where after 5 months, I was called in because (in their words) "our admin department messed up and we have not processed your direct debit form, you now owe us £xxx which we would like to you pay immediately" .. Maybe I'm at fault a bit as I didn't check to ensure that the money was being taken, I refused to cough up straight away, and promised to pay by the outstanding balance by the end of my membership year..
  2. Newbie

    Hi Ryan, am just up the road in Wellesbourne... Always up for a round, moving office to Cov so will be playing the odd round after work as well .. Current Club is Ingon manor, but do play the Windmill, Stonebridge and Stoneleigh a fair bit
  3. Whoops !!! I now carry a rule book, as since this incident, we had has discussion about balls in bunkers and being deemed unplayable.. I have seen a VIDEO about it's the ball player who deems it unplayable in a bunker (maybe too near the edge etc)
  4. Tom

    Speed golf.. first person to rock up and play at the tee
  5. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    Played Thursday night, even though I managed to play someone elses ball, still came home with 30 points
  6. Whoops !!!

    Thanks Rob I guessed right for the penalty, but we got it wrong as the other guy played from where the ball landed after I hit it.. Live and learn
  7. Whoops !!!

    Hey guys, so was out playing last night, and the light was fading, towards the end of the round, tired etc.. (good enough excuse) ? I played someone elses ball !!!! ( was a crackin shot as well ) What rule is this covered by, best I can tell, is Rule 15, but thats for a substituted ball... Am new to digging through the rules, so any help would be appreciated..
  8. Trouser Tucking

    It's your's, you can polish it as fast as you like....
  9. Weeks flying bye no 32

    Never played a competition, bit nervous, playing off 27. Problem is I have 5 day membership and most weeks can only play in the evenings, so not sure how that world work in a comp ?
  10. Albatross !!!

    Am a happy golfer then
  11. Albatross !!!

    I play off 28, and got down in 2 on a par 3 where I had 2 shots... what stableford score is it, for some reason I can't get my head round it. My mates are saying it's an albatross and about 5 points
  12. good grief !!!

    I agree For me, practicing chipping would be as far as I'd go, driving would just be plain crazy, no 2 ways about it.. I'd practice more in my back garden, bit it's only around 15 yards long, so I have no option but to goto a local park for chipping and the range for everything else..
  13. good grief !!!

    2 Sides to this, just been chatting at work and some say you should not be practicing in a park.. Others are saying, why not, if it's safe to do so, got for it...
  14. refreshed and ready for WEEK 30 -2017

    Am hoping to get out on Friday at Stratford Park (was Ingon), not been out at all this week, grim weather and work got in the way
  15. Drones on vLogs

    It will take a near miss, or in ingestion to cause a clamp down I think.