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  1. Golfshake for society

    Might have figured it out now
  2. Golfshake for society

    Am trying to sort out costs using golfshake for a society, can an admin PM me please
  3. Range Finders...

    As a high handicapper, is spending £200+ on a laser range finder actually worthwhile ? I see people all over the place measuring distances and do wonder if it's really just good for people who can hit a consistent distance, which from what I can tell are in the lower handicap areas of play. What I do have is a Swarmi gps, which gives approximate distances, stood still I have seen it move by upto 10 meters, which is now why I tend to "eyeball" the distances.. Right now have no intention of buying one until I feel it will make a significant difference to my game, at the moment I can look at a hole and have a good idea on what club I need. Just think it will be interesting seeing points of view towards laser range finders, luxury, invaluable or just plain "money to burn".
  4. Are Golf Clubs missing the point?

    I'm now into my 2nd year (and only just) of playing golf, I love every minute of it. Am in the process of joining a club now, so yes, I am one of these how has got an amazing deal, but, regardless of the deal I would have joined, as with membership there is more than just playing golf, there is a social side which means as much as the ability to wander onto the golf course as many times as you want, whenever you want. Catering for the visitors in some ways is more important, as am sure clubs with the lower membership fee's are not making much money, so to attract visitors (prospective members) deals and discounts must be made. I'd rather see a course with lot's of people on it, as I can be sure that the next year membership fee's won't be rocketing to make up for any shortfall.. Swings and roundabouts really, depends what you want from a club, exclusivity (voted in members only) to the other end of the spectrum "pay and play"... They both have their places, have played on both types of course, personally, I prefer the "pay and play" clubs that have membership, I feel more comfortable with the members (they don't have helicopters and kids called Porsche and Mercedes ) .. No offence intended.
  5. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    OMG !!! So a bolt out of the blue today, I get a call from a Debt agency, wold appear the Club that screwed me over tried to extend my membership by a year and teh collection people called me because I had cancelled the DD.. Spoke to the nice lady and explained what had happened, she asked me to hold while she phoned the club for verification, no problem, shockingly the club said the person who deals with finances was not available.. SO the debt people were wanting the best part of £100 as they had applied a late payment charge, at this point, I played my trump card, and was able to send them the email the club had sent me acknowledging there were no outstanding fee's and my membership was cancelled.. The Debt people, called me back and informed me not to worry, the case is settled and closed.. I have not given out the name of the club as I did not think it appropriate, but now they have done this I feel it is only right that people should know that the club is Ingon Manor now known as The Stratford Park Hotel and Golf... The course is great, please do not get me wrong, hard, but great.. Management, in fact, not the management, the owner.. please play there, enjoy the course, but be careful of the owner, nasty piece of work..
  6. Copsewood Grange (Coventry)

    Just had a fantastic morning out at Copsewood Grange Golf Club, this was organised for me by Rob Nutt (thanks very much).. I've been "clubless" for a few months and have been using Ardencote as somewhere to have some quiet rounds and keep myself moving, as mentioned Rob organised for me to take part in the "Sunday Swindle"... Got to say, I had a fantastic time, the members were really friendly and welcoming, I was made to feel at home and totally at ease.. The course, for me, I loved it, bearing in mind we've had some miserable weather, and the course is built on a flood plane, I found it to be amazingly dry, yes, a few GUR areas, but nothing that affected the game too much. Lot's of nice tight tree lined holes, and a great Par 5, with an S shape ! From what I understand, a lot of the course upkeep is by volunteers, which goes to show how loved this place is that people will happily give up their time to help out. This dedication does show though, it really is a nice place, and I thoroughly recommend going there for a round ... To top off my day, I closed the card with 35 points (13/22) !! Thanks again Rob.
  7. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    I think he's a spammer, checked the link in his signature... (If not, I apologise)
  8. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    No worries Rob, just wandered up past the practice area, only about 15 miles, I live in Wellesbourne, just outside Stratford.. May be up there Sunday, won't know until closer though..
  9. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    Just popped over to have a look, was amazed, looks really nice, plenty of tree etc... Grabbed a card and took a photo, love the fact there is an honesty box, only ever seen 2 places with one, gives faith in society... Will be over for a knock around soon I think
  10. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    Rob, any chance of a pic of a score card please, can't find it on the website, am really interested in having a round there with a view to joining in the new year
  11. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    That sounds pretty good, what club is that Rob ?
  12. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    Whilst am tempted to name and shame, I'd rather not, as it turns out they also cancelled the membership of one of my colleagues, just through association with me, this is now become, while not a legal matter, there is a good chance it will.. So I must limit what I am saying, just in case this gets even worse.. I'm now playing at Ardencote, costing me £40 a month to play as much as I want, and am not tied into a 12 month contract, just pay monthly when you want, it's great !!!! The only issue is, it's not a "proper" golf club, no matches, or handicap etc.. But am going to spend the next few months playing there and having a look at other courses. I must say, at Ardencote, my game is so much better that at the previous place (which was a monster Parkland course), also not having to climb what felt like the side of K2 a few times every round. Nice flatish course, plenty of hazards/doglegs/lakes to keep me on my toes, crackin for an after work 9 holes on the way home.... Simon
  13. Ping G30

    This rings so true... Great deal – If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Sellers will say the club was ‘won in a raffle’ or ‘given as a gift’ to justify the low cost.
  14. Ping G30

    Did a bit of digging around ..
  15. Ping G30

    My mate has found an online shop selling Ping G30's 4-SW for £219.. sounds wayy too cheap to be legit... Golfbidder is at £249 secondhand !!! Opinions please