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  1. Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Both confirmed. Be good to see you there
  2. Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    No problem Rob, you’ll be welcome as always. Not sure I want to to have as many shots as you have at the m9nent though. Need to get that handicap going the other way
  3. Charity Golf Events 2018

    I’ve represented Golfshake before, always happy to do so again
  4. Old Member Returning

    Welcome back Dave
  5. Hello everyone and Happy New Year. The first Golfshake event of 2018 to be announced is here! The Minchinhampton 36 Hole Competition will be held on Friday 06th July 2018 and similar to previous years, the format will be: - Bacon roll and tea/coffee on arrival (upgrade to full English available) 18 holes on Avening course Lunch of sandwiches and chips (rolling basis) 18 holes on Cherington course Prize giving First tee time will be at 10:00 and I've got 10 tee times reserved in 3 balls so a maximum of 30 players (though I could extend a couple of times if demand is there). Cost will be £55:00 and prizes will be begged from Darren again (I've always liked you Daz!). Breakfast upgrades will be available on request when booked in advance (+£3:00 for full English). This year the club is hosting Open Qualifying and we are playing just 10 days later. Our game is also the day after the Ladies Open and a week before the Club Championships so I expect the course to be well set up. I've set the game up on Golfshake and the link is here -> If anyone wants to stop over on the Friday night I can organise tee times for the Old Course on Saturday morning so you can play all three courses. The Old Course is a unique experience and a traditional golf course, but please be aware that the cows and horses will be out and will need to be "negotiated"! The Premier Inn Stroud is the usual place people stay and is about 10 mins drive from the course and 5 mins walk to the centre of Stroud for drinks and food
  6. Christmas Greetings

    Happy Christmas everyone. Hope you were all on Santa’s nice list and got what you wanted and nothing too ropey from the “we don’t know what to get but they’re a golfer so let’s get a golf themed gift”list
  7. Golf Objectives for 2018

    My aim this year was to get my handicap out of the teens after starting on 14.2 (preferably in the downwards direction!). After bouncing around between 13.9 and 14.2 all year I got a 1.5 cut after winning a bogey comp by 3 shots with +5. As I was on 14.0 at the time I went down to 12.5. So close! I have been threatened by the handicap committee mind so I might end up there... So next year my aim is firstly to complete this year’s task plus one more shot so I’m playing off 11. My second is to break 80 on both of our courses in the year. In total I’ve had 7 80’s on one and a 79 and 6 80’s on the other so should be achievable with a bit of practice
  8. #LeafGate - thoughts ?

    As he didn't gain any advantage (he could have holed the retaken putt and carded one shot less) then there should be no penalty. Rules for the sake of it. And I thought they had removed the 'double jeapordy' rule where you effectively get penalised twice for the same transgression
  9. Week 29 2017 - destination and goals please?

    Got a Titleist Matchplay knockout at Broadway on Friday. Hoping it's better than my last round!
  10. Where we playing this WEEK?? Week 28

    Club champs this weekend for me. Play Cherington on Saturday at 1300 and Avening on Sunday but no idea what time yet. The better your score the later you play just like on tour (closest I'll ever get!)
  11. July is here WEEK 27 (cut off 9th July)

    Just about stopped aching after the 36 on Friday. Back out onto Cherington tomorrow for a monthly medal. Seeing how it chewed up and spat out some good players on Friday might be tough. In need of a cut though Shame you were disappointed Ricey, always frustrating when you're looking forward to somewhere and it doesn't live up
  12. Minchinhampton 36 Hole Comp 2017

    Well played John. Think a cut is required next year (organiser's discretion!)
  13. Minchinhampton 36 Hole Comp 2017

    Forgot to post the spot prize winners. They are Nearest the Pin (Avening 6th) - James Minards Longest Drive (Avening 16th) - Stuart Laws Nearest the Pin (Cherington 7th) - Dave Ley Nearest the Pin in Two (Cherington 14th) - Daniel Alvarez
  14. Minchinhampton 36 Hole Comp 2017

    Thanks to everyone who came along today, hope you all enjoyed it. Well done to John Flood for the overall win with the best score on both courses. The final standings are below, hope to see you all back next year Stableford Score Avening Cherington Total 1 John Flood 37 40 77 2 James Minards 34 35 69 3 Lee Nightingale 30 36 66 4 Stuart Laws 35 30 65 5 Dave Homer 32 31 63 6 Justin Goodby 30 33 63 7 Chris Perry 32 30 62 8 Daniel Alvarez 35 26 61 9 Ian Hodgkins 35 25 60 10 Dave Ley 23 36 59 11 Martin Flemings 31 26 57 12 Steve Johnson 31 26 57 13 Rich Garner 29 26 55 14 Matt Wabe 28 23 51 15 Shaun Bethell 30 21 51 16 James Wilson 28 23 51 17 Wayne Dunn 26 24 50 18 Mark Drew 26 23 49 19 Robert Nutt 21 25 46 20 Phil Eadsforth 0 28 28 21 Jonathan Wheeler NR NR NR
  15. Minchinhampton 36 Hole Comp 2017

    Looking forward to see you all there. Just sorting out the final prep and getting into my zen place fo the game