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  1. I'm talking about the ground conditions on the golf course, in case anyone was thinking of anything else! With the fair amount of rain we have had in the last week or so where I am (NW Greater London) the ground conditions have changed significantly over the last fortnight. So as I am not a big hitter, this means the course is playing much longer for me, which is a huge negative. But on the positive side is that the greens are far more receptive of high pitched approach shots, so if you can get the distance to the pin about right, the ball will stay pretty close. I benefited greatly from this today, with quite a few tap ins that were virtually gimmes!
  2. I've played a lot of golf and visited a fair few different courses during the last year. Whilst I have definitely improved as a result, this sadly isn't reflected in the scores being achieved. Yes I am very much more consistent in my scoring, very regularly hitting sub-90 now. But I haven't managed to get the lower personal best result desired. I was (still am) hoping to break 80, but have only equalled my PB of 84 several times, failing to get below it, which is very frustrating indeed! My handicap has remained pretty much the same all year as a result of my consistency, just today finally moving up to 20.5 (21) due to a 1 over score on my home course which is par 69 (but has a SSS of only 66). Perhaps when the frost makes the ground harder, I will have a chance of lower scores,. I'm not a huge hitter, so mostly score best during summer, when the ball bounces and runs on a lot more, than it does when conditions are soft and wet!
  3. Bob Smith


    Do some clubs/players still worry about whose honour it is to tee off first? All of the groups I play with, play "ready golf", if you're ready then get on with it!
  4. Oops!!! - FOR WEDNESDAY in 3rd paragraph above READ THURSDAY!
  5. OK - DAGS meet in The Fairway @ Ruislip GC every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Tee times are 09.20 and 08.50 respectively, So players on the day need to register from say 08.30 and 08.00 onwards as appropriate. We are a mixed ability group of around 30, with "Golf Society* handicaps" from 15 up to 28. (*These handicaps don't align exactly with the CONGU system, as we operate a system of handicap decrease for winners that is independent of actual scores!) We normally play Stableford format on Tuesdays and Medal on Thursday, with occasional Texas Scrambles or Foursomes team formats for a bit of variety. We have a few away days during the spring/summer months at a selection of courses within reasonable travelling distance, which are usually on a Monday, in addition to the normal match days. There is usually a Spring weekend, plus a late summer 5 day tour to Bournemouth each year. So if you want to give us a try out, do feel free to come along on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and have a game. If you let me know if/when, I'll look out for you and make the introductions to the lads. I am the Handicap Secretary, so would be involved in setting you up with a playing handicap as appropriate. Regards, Bob. (07864-709904)
  6. If you are aged 55 or over, and prepared to travel a little distance? I am a member of the Dad's Army Golf Society, based at Ruislip GC for our normal match days. We also have the occasional "away days" at other local courses, like Haste Hill, Northwood and others within reasonable travel time. Let me know if you are interested and I'll let you have more details.
  7. I still can hardly believe it happened - I know that I've been playing pretty well just lately, but my back 9 on Wednesday was incredible! At Haste Hill, Northwood, a Par 68 course that I find quite difficult, I was reasonably content with my gross 47 on the front 9, so a net 36 (+3). But the back 9 for me was astonishing - Par 5; Par 3; Bogey 5; Birdie 3; Par 4; Bogey 5; Par 4; Par 3; and Bogey 5, for a gross 37, thus net 27 (-8). So an overall gross 84 and net 63 (-5) playing off 21. A Personal Best for the course, equalling my PB anywhere else! My previous best at this course was a 94, with several much bigger scores. so can hardly believe where this score came from. But would you know, in true golfer fashion, it could have been even better, as I missed several gettable putts, plus incurred a couple of penalty strokes for ditches!
  8. Well done eagle128, Good to hear that you are having some joy, it's those bits that keep us going back to do it again and hopefully more often. I've had a real purple patch this last week. A 3rd place Monday, 2nd Tuesday, Win Wednesday, 2nd Thursday and another win yesterday! So I think there are plans to present me with the Golf Society Bandit trophy next week, if I keep it up! - Although only one of the scores was sub par (another PB gross 84/63). So I'm just playing fairly consistently, mainly at just about my handicap level!
  9. Hello again Ricey155. My wife is always telling me I'm playing too much! But I am trying to improve after taking up the game rather late in life. So it's not unusual for me to play 5 or even 6 days a week. If I don't play, I'm often found at the local range instead. I am pleased to say that all this practice, plus playing experience being gained is paying off in terms of much improved consistency of performance. This is resulting in regular placings in the top 3 within the Society and other groups that I play with. So it has been well worth the time and effort, further encouraging me to keep at it! So tomorrow will see me teeing up at Uxbridge, having played Northwood, Ruislip and Haste Hill already this week.
  10. Sounds a little familiar to my nascent golfing career! When I first started playing on a golf course, after a few lessons, and some practice on the range, I found the real thing very difficult indeed! I was sooo bad, it was embarrassing, typically scoring up to 120. I got very despondent about it and came very close to jacking it in! However refusing to be beaten, I took some more lessons, spent a lot of time on the range, and played the course on my own so only I really knew how awful I was! Eventually after several months of solo practice, I started to come down towards breaking the ton. I then met and joined a Golf Society, who were very kind and supportive of novice players, and gradually my game picked up and I started getting the odd win, albeit off a 28 h/cap initially. This has steadily dropped on the win get cut rule, and I have been down to 18, which is very hard for me to be really competitive, so it's crept back up to my current 20. But I am determined that I will one day manage to break 80, as I'm having lots off rounds sub-90 down to a PB so far of 84. So don't give up, if you enjoy the game and the challenge of trying to improve. the handicap system will give you a chance to compete against better players to a large extent, and everybody has their good days and days in hell!
  11. I am one of those golfers that often annoy their fellow players by hitting it mostly straight down the middle, albeit not anywhere near as far as many! So a lot of my golf balls become like a winning conker and I lose track of how many rounds they have survived. Main cause for change being the many ditches crossing the courses I play. You can't fish it out, if you cant see it in the gloop in the bottom!
  12. Bob Smith

    Trouser Tucking

    Perhaps you are missing the point of why it's done? - In the winter time the bottom of your trouser legs inevitably get very wet and muddy and it is far easier to wash a pair of socks!
  13. I encountered a situation today where 2 off us left our approaches a little short of the green. My ball was dead on the putting line with that of another player, but slightly closer to the pin. As we were just off the green, we both wanted to putt. I didn't think that I was allowed to mark and lift my ball, as not on the green. So I suggested that I played first, so as to resolve the interference with my opponents ball. So was this a permissible course of action, as normally furthest from pin should play first or was I allowed to lift my ball to allow the other player a clear line?
  14. Ahh! Mr Viper, I guess you are a much lower h/c than me, thus are probably "expecting or expected" to be scoring sub 80 or better? So for you a sub 90, but over 80, probably attracts a h/c increase! Which returns me to an earlier post about whether h/cs should be based on AVERAGE scores, rather than the lowest score you ever manage to achieve, once in a blue moon, with pink polka dot spots!
  15. Maybe I'm a bit of a southern softee from Ruislip, Middlesex, but with the current rather cold climate, I'm wearing a pair of golf gloves on course. So another thread could maybe be started asking does wearing a glove on BOTH hands affect your scoring significantly? In my case answer is NO, I've hit 2 of my lowest ever scores very recently! Plus it certainly makes playing in minus degree temperatures somewhat more bearable!