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  1. I had a go on a Golf Board last month, and what a laugh... can i see them catching on? Probably not in the UK but if you do get the chane to have a go then dont miss out its kind of like surfing and skateboarding all at once. When fully loaded howe ver its very difficult to maintain correct balance but still a lot of fun
  2. I have tried both and to be honest i have never found a better solution than the Hedgehog, they now have solid wheels for electric trolleys I was a bit put off by the price to start with but after much research and talking with my club pro i bit the bullet and bought a set for my Motorcaddy, I am not usually one for believing company blurb and they were saying that my battery would last 30% longer... I couldnt believe it when it actually worked i dont know if it was 30% but it was a definate improvement... anyway to your point about the gliders my friend who i played with had all sorts of issues with his gliders, slippage and various issues. he actually was so impressed with mine he bought some a month later... Im not in the habit of praising companies but for once the Hedgehog product is a must for anyone hoping to play in the wetter months and I for one would reccomend it to anyone i meet...
  3. I have just bought a set of "hedgehog Wheels" for my Powakaddy electric trolley, I did this with a little trepidation as the price tag was not cheap (nothing to drastic) and after reading forum posts you just never know, so I attached them pretty easily they certainly seemed like a sturdy well built product, and off I went round the course, now the manafacturers claim that by using them it will/can make your battery last longer and for once in my life I can honestly say that it did exactly as it said on the tin, much easier to control i hardly had to intervene at all no slippage, and it genuinely seemed to not drain as much.....I would certainly recommend these to my friends and can completely understand why a club would only allow trolleys with them attached on the course... What ever the naysayers are saying this is one product I am more thn glad i purchased and cannot find any fault with them at all.....