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  1. I am looking to replace my 1st pair of shoes for the winter. Do I have to pay an absolute fortune to have a decent pair of waterproof shoes. If I have to then I will, Suggestions please as I am sure there are others like me thinking about the autumn winter months ahead.
  2. Thanks Forum Admin. Looking around the Birmingham region. Has anyone's expectation been surpassed?
  3. My sons have promised for my birthday a play and stay anywhere the UK. I am looking at the midlands as we can visit family on completion . Has anyone got suggestions as to where we can go.
  4. Our club ,Rowlands Castle GC in Hampshire has a reciprocal arrangement with Walmley GC( both formed in 1902). We played on the 4th May. The club was welcoming and the course was well tended, a great place to visit.
  5. Thanks everyone, I'll do a bit of research on the suggestions.
  6. I am looking for advice on purchasing a couple of long sleeved T shirts or base layers to wear during the summer months. My arms get very tanned and I would prefer to be covered during sunshine. I've looked at some shirts and they can be VERY EXPENSIVE. So suggestions would be appreciated from like minded golfers.
  7. John M

    Winter gloves

    Thanks Ruth and Russ ??, I enjoy playing in rain free winter months as the course is sparsely populated and I can put down a couple of balls to practice etc. I have used hand warmers in the past and to a certain extent they do the trick. I guess what I am also after is a " brand " name for a suitable glove which covers the " rain " aspect as well as the cold. What I also find that compounds the situation is when you reach into a water filled cup to retrieve your ball, This doesn't help the situation at all and seems to bring it's own discomfort.
  8. Its been a while since I posted and this topic may have been discussed before. I am looking for suggestions for a suitable winter glove that gives cold and rainy weather protection. I particularly suffer from cold hands during winter. Appreciate a response from someone who " suffers " from cold hand syndrome and has found a solution. Thanks