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  1. Cheers matt I will see him next time I'm at club as he's still the pro there an take it from there thx for your help
  2. Sort of was fitted for first set by my club pro I then bought new set of him an was told he would use my last fitting for new clubs but he got lie half a degree out plus shafts quater of inch shorter too hope this makes sense
  3. Hi I just got some new irons an there 2 degree flat compared to my last ones which was 1.5 degree flat does that half a degree make much difference as I'm not hitting new clubs as well as my old ones thx
  4. hi all I recently changed irons from ping g25 purple dot to new cobra f6 but I cant get used to new irons after 6 wks of playing with them both were fitted by same guy so should be same specs was wondering if any of you guys any tips on getting used to new irons many thx daz