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  1. Could you please explain the second one? I'm left handed. 'Close your shoulder'....lead or trail and what exactly is this move? Thank you!
  2. Thanks for responding guys but perhaps I didn't make my problem clear. I shank the ball without hitting the board. Therefore my shanking is not from moving my club further away than it was at address. I am miraculously introducing the hosel to the ball first be it violently open or closed club face. I've even used a styrofoam block and marked it so that any contact with the block would be noticeable. I shank the ball yet the block sitting just past the toe of the club remains exactly in its place, never touched.
  3. Hello all. I'm new here. I'll get to introduction and small talk soon. For now, please, I'm in dire straits. I've been told by respectable instructors my main cause of errors (shanking being the major) is I swing too far from the inside with a closed clubface. I've worked hard on correcting my grip. It was way too strong and now it's basically neutral slightly strong. However, the famous shank drill where you place an object, board , head cover, etc., just outside the ball to where if you move the club head forward you hit the object...well, today at the range I was hitting shank after shank ....all irons....AND NEVER TOUCHING THE BOARD! Please guys! What am I doing wrong!! It's destroying my game! I welcome any advice! This is devestating!