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  1. anything you can get yours hands on tbh, if your single figures then the old balls yu use in the round especially for short game and 100 yrds in etc. Range balls are nasty low compression rubbish you get zero idea of distance control etc.
  2. Friday open pairs and you play on hollow tinned sanded greens for £35 a man, course is lovely but the GREENS are poor. good luck if you book here for a future event. For me the course is only as good as it's greens! your view?
  3. Ricey155

    Dead forum

    Yup it's like drift wood, not quiet been the same since the forum header got took down from the main site.
  4. tumbs up for Darren as well, prizes were excellent next year I might not have a afternoon melt down or was it lack of energy after 4 holes and a #Mardy how old are you lol, onwards to the summer. golf or back didn't get nay better yesterday sadly in the little mizzle (downpours again)
  5. Cheers for organising the day Chris, very much battled hardened for the rest of the season after that mornings golf. I love the views on the Avening think next time I'll take my bike down and does those locals hills :-)
  6. 100% paid today to avoid being labelled bring on the sunshine
  7. on the case pay just before the cut off Chris
  8. 100% looking forward to it, however I play.
  9. Fair play the word PROVISIONAL gave you the right to do it, not lets see how this one goes before I make a choice. the 2nd ball always flies down the middle 250 yrds away :-)
  10. Gone very quiet, hope all is well with David. Facebook not updated and no follow up on the forum.
  11. Sounds like anything being sold in the world EVER, if you don't do your research your going to get ripped off whoever it is. Never used the guy so can't comment but I'd be price checking and visiting a local AG prior to buying anything online for fit and quality. and in 2019 if they don't have some sort of monitoring I'd stay clear full stop.
  12. Written in INK in the diary for 2019 not missing it again this year after a double book in 2018.
  13. Forums dead Jonno best find another pal. get on youtube look for Robin Matthew WIlliams release the tension / anxiety
  14. https://www.beestonfields.co.uk/files/509/winter_stableford_28th_nov.jpg Were going up for a day out, seems very good value inc food #VerySocial anybody else in?
  15. Nope not tried or even seen these hybrids but it's personal choice on what you buy, I've got MacLeanard own branded hybrids after getting a driver shaft fitted they just looked ace and been in the bag for 3 seasons and they fly. Get down the range :-)
  16. Well I never max score is a ten that would have been great after I NR'd this year on 5 being 1 under par but three balls lost of the tee !!
  17. For me it doesn't actually matter but I see your point. great event maybe we should let the Americans use the rest of the world players to give them a chance again?
  18. Not much updating on FB wondered how it was going David??
  19. 4-7 October free tickets available online via email from ESM and £10 to park or £20 per event, anyone going ? Probably attending Saturday if I get time.
  20. Games gone SOUTH since May bad times in 2018 

  21. well done looks a good day out and the weather was great. I'm pencilling this in for 2019 (I hope it runs again)
  22. This came back to my thoughts at the seniors open when Mark James smashes a bird on the 17th and flies sideways OB and takes 7 on the hole, surely it's the same problem moving object be it a leaf or bird diverts the ball sideways yet one is replayable NO penalty and the other he gets a penalty. RULES ARE RUBBISH.
  23. Not much action in here these days tbh, but welcome anyhow's :-)
  24. Hold the junior hacksaw :-) trophy pics See if the handicap can move in the right direction sometime soon, winnings a dozen pro v 1s well worth the £170 entry.