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  1. Golfshake.Com European Tour Fantasy League 2018

    Maybe I should contact him for a percentage of his winnings for removing him from my squad :-)
  2. Golfshake.Com European Tour Fantasy League 2018

    Glad I took Li and Detry out my squad this week manager couldn't work with them. first week picked a team got no points, playing catch up #GreatStart
  3. Gday all the latest scorecard via the web doesn't except a comp / event entry on chrome or firefox. is it me or does it need fixing?? many thanks Russ
  4. New handicap

    Solid pal I bet you still don't need to practice before you play :-) video time & range time ?? how's the canoe working at copsewood ??
  5. Winner Winner, chicken Dinner

    excellent well done, I stayed at La Torre in 2011 was a ghost town after the property crash. so let us know if mar menor has a little more action. Get your sticks out there, never used it but ship sticks is an option rather than using the airport services direct. I think the UK service is called that, I'm sure the team here did a report on the service for UK somewhere. enjoy

    WOW just checked up on facebook David Roth Woodhall Spa is a good search. Just shows you what you can create with a lovely piece of land and the will power, cracking stuff facebook
  7. Get Fitted Yes or No

    Nothing wrong with benross irons, and aldila shafts are as good as any. been around a long time. If you pop in to American golf or your local pro, he needs to shift his 2017 product and make a living so it's going to be better getting custom fit, also it's a lot harder to get internet prices when they custom fit it. some even charge for the pleasure of fitting you out #Belfy and give it back if you buy the clubs. personally I'd go to say john Reays and try a demo club on the range, see if your losing distance, see how the flight is and go from there. if there not selling you the latest TECH what can they do. #Marketing #Money How much would golf subs be if you didn't have an overpaid next working selling mars bars and collecting green fees and entry's. 30k for a pro 30k for a secretary 30k for a bar manager. you could employ normal honest people to do the job. next years irons will be 10yrds longer etc yet the loft will be again reduced so your 7 iron is a 5.5 iron and your wedge will go 150 yrds. there just numbers at the end of the day. if you know how far #Trackman #GC2 spend £10-20 and go do a gap test on your clubs #Oakridge did £10 an hour off peak, I guess most do deals. I know exactly if I strike it right how far they go so when I pin the flag or bunker carry if I commit and judge all the elements I'll be pin high ALL DAY. Dave Rantington :-)
  8. Get Fitted Yes or No

    makes zero difference, marketing hype. your swing will adapt to anything over time, OK maybe the right shaft is key but length doesn't matter. I can hit +2 -1 with no difference My driver R15 is 1" shorter than my 909 D3 yet I hit the sweet spot more on the 909 but if you listen to the spiel shorter is better for centred hits TECH hasn't improved in irons for ages if you have the latest 3-4 years and a good brand stick with them and practice more or get a few lessons. clubs won't improve anything they just look new for a month and then they work like the old ones. :-) As for adjusting clubs, reshafting is properly the cheaper option
  9. Golf Objectives for 2018

    keeping it simple, improve my chipping anxiety (I've gone right handed only last two comps to remove the yip) move down from 6 to at least 4. keep on enjoying it and play more new courses in 2018 collect some more golf vouchers to spend on stuff I don't need :-) #Balls #UseNewBalls
  10. Best and Worst Golf Related Christmas Gifts

    you bad lad :-) then again a free putter you can't argue with that :-)
  11. Volvik Balls

    what are they based on? pro v1 replacement
  12. Club closing. Broke Hill GC, Kent

    or cashing in, prime real estate area? Looks like a downgrade the move?

    Pictures look very exciting, enjoy your creations :-)
  14. Are Golf Clubs missing the point?

    Difficult to answer as I'm probably not the norm when it comes to being a member. PlayMoreGolf works perfectly for me other than the bad idea I need 20 away points when I don't want friendly uncompetitive golf (OK maybe a few times a year) I don't want to play 2,3,4 times a week at one club however much its costs, I'm after seeing different layout and testing my new found love for the game at other courses :-) so £325 + union fees is perfect gives me the best part of £1000 to spend on adventures, like midland golf challenge £170 for 3 days. I'm pretty sure I'd not play that if I had my £1000 membership @Nuneaton £20 -£25 per medal away day is perfect and in prizes works for me.