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  1. Think I messed up seeing as Saunton is a 5 min drive away :-( looks brown already #BumpIt
  2. There's obviously a loop in the system, for instance, FOA entry is £45 and then you're asked if you would like to go in the 2's and sweep which is another £5 on top separate from the prize fund, and when paid out you get 50/50 prize and sweep. eg if it's £500 you get £250 voucher and £250 cash. And as you said the pro gets the full £500 if he wins. I've seen a number of clubs do it do I guess the club not taking the sweep (normally run by a volunteer) it's legit.
  3. played for 30+ years on and off and the pitch repairing video was a complete eye opener :-) don't attack it and pull it up, your always learning especially from youtube these days and golfshake videos :-)
  4. So after a glorious week 24, what's the plan this weekend? after another successful Sunday with no double bogeys and no mental errors. I'll continue on my no double bogey card wreckers policy (it seems to be working) Copsewood Grange Saturday 24th with Mr Nutt, looking forward to the local 9 holer, followed by a trip to the Staffordshire Sunday 25th for their AM/AM event. Go well all and more success, please :-)
  5. first new club title happy days, moving on to week 25 :-) a win at Copsewood with Robbie would be cool :-)
  6. unless there's a sweep I was led to believe separate from the competition entry. The forest of Arden pay out big cash prizes to amateurs on that basis just for info. and Staverton did years ago in their winter series With no presentation and a 2hr drive, I'm glad it was run that way as no chance I'll drive 4hrs to use a £60 voucher :-( Expenses is another route, amateurs on pga tour and european can claim certain amounts if they win a cheque I believe?
  7. Should be a crack whatever :-) Week in #Croyde on IPA
  8. https://ibb.co/bYSbk5 Could be 7.2 all being well, how things change fast :-)
  9. Pretty steady fella just about to peak Saturday :-) Putter malfunction today and 77 nett 69 (-3) currently leading Presidents day, should have secured it with a 67 at worse. More to come the mind training is working
  10. Handsworth, Edgbaston, Walsall and Little Aston all on 2018 radar if not before Looking forward to the wood Saturday #Marconi
  11. Roasting hot with rock hard fringes and greens = NR after a lost ball on 15 shame as just had my first double and +9 Guy we played with Nick didn't stop babbling for 4hrs+ could have stayed at home for a rest, lost my head on 14 nearly walked off in frustration. I don't need a running commentary all day :-( and the wife talks less omg
  12. The list so far played or booked Harborne, Moseley & Robin Hood all excellent and between £20-25 great value Booked Shirley sept, druids heath August, Fulford Heath July. Walmley July Heard good things about Edgbaston and Handsworth but what else is on the balti radar?
  13. 2 months in practice twice a week on this only and its here to stay ! Honestly if your struggling with nerves and grip pressure on the short chips it really helps :-) I use it for wedges from 80yrds in but revert to standard grip for every other full shot, its help with my strike and iron distance also as feel my hands work better and more controlled Anyone tried it?
  14. In my early twenties I played a lot with seniors who like yourself lost distance with age, but boy did there loss in distance was replaced by composure and a short game that any pro would love :-) 70yrds in practically a gimmy. I just think as we get old we need to use the noodle #Head over aggression ! Course management wins whatever age