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  1. End of Season REVIEW

    Analyse of the season via the stats gained on golfshake tracker and intelligent golf gives some excellent feedback on where I can improve next year. course management has been pretty useless, and I always want to go in the sand if I miss a green #Fail 20% saves v 34% from the grass. 10% 3 putts gains to be had for sure. based on last 5 rounds which have been pretty good, it gets worse for 10 rounds :-( and I've reduced my handicap? WOW next year I can save 3.4 shot per round based on course management so looks like next year I can get down to my best ever 3.4 !!!!! stats never lie
  2. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    April 2019 ?
  3. End of Season REVIEW

    Think I'll be on fire for next Sunday #Buzzing
  4. End of Season REVIEW

    Wow just wow CSS went up so 6.6 and then followed it up again today :-) so in 10 days I've gone from 7.4 to 6.0 dead Just as I was thinking about going back to cricket as golf wasn't going well 75 today +3 nett 68. New belief for 2018 can we get back to three ??? :-)
  5. End of Season REVIEW

    New form going into the winter series events down to 6.8 so after an average year and many near misses / what could have been rounds - I've dropped 1.5 with a few medals to go :-) 2018 could be exciting
  6. Why is it not popping up after round completion? Since the survey, it's not showing up. Even when I did the survey the survey kept popping up. or is it just I've already reviewed that course thus no option to review again?
  7. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    Staying with PlayMoreGolf again for 2018 plenty of choice and away comps #Medals
  8. End of Season REVIEW

    Sounds good GolfShakeEditor :-) how much is a residents ticket ? Sounds good. First stableford of the year 38 with a blob from 65yrds 3rd and finally a decent knock after 2 months
  9. End of Season REVIEW

    Honestly pretty average and needs to improve fast. started 8.3 and wanted to get cut down to at least 6 by now! didn't play at all through Jan and Feb and tried to play my way into form via medals (that didn't work) and ended up 8.5 (9) then it clicked in the club champs (I peaked early) and got down to 7.0 and lost confidence in my long and short game. Last 3-4 weeks hit it better, missed on on prizes at 3 away medals with poor finishes in the last 2 holes :-( signs are good and I'm hoping maybe one day I can get somewhere near the 3 handicap back in my early twenties (tough quest) Winter series events @ Leamington and Brampton Heath to keep me going in the winter, probably stop again when the ice arrives and the floods #Wellies need to come out. 2018 need to hit form early and shoot more in the 70s 7.3 at mo seem to be yo-yoing 7 to 8 and back. get consistent FAST
  10. Another Scarborough Golf Week ends.

    missed that best add it to the to-do list for 2018
  11. Week35 how many away days this YTD ?

    5th away day medal Robin hood, Mosesley, Walmley, Fulford, Shirley :-)
  12. I've got my 21st away day comp on Sunday @ ShirleyGolfClub singles medal, but only my 4th singles medal. So 16 comps be it pairs or am/ams that needs to change in 2018. My goals in 2017 are no where near complete and Time is running out :-( get to 6 win 3 more times, and shoot +2 or better on an away course medal. Big asks but having sorted my head out removed the 3 putting mindset and swapped my driver back to my 2009 model 909. I'm ready to hit it hard. 7.5 having gone up from 7.1 since July. 16 medals Ive shot 2 77s those being the only two times I've played under my handicap Stats are great :-) and don't lie
  13. What length of time is your golf ball used for?

    Already done my survey :-) I might buy balls but I'm scared to lose them, so swap on holes when it could go AWOL #Tight
  14. The pressure of the five pound cup :-) great away day venue for £15 Walsall cheers for organising.