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  1. Beer is bad but better than my golf lately
  2. Looking at playing the 36 hole comp, back end of the year again October. Both courses over 2 days £110 stableford event
  3. 4 Woburn, Forest of Arden, the belfry and the Warwickshire
  4. I'm only going for the beer Seriously hoping for a warm sunny day and a few birdies. Have a good knock Rob
  5. Cool stuff, good to catch up with a fellow forum member :-)
  6. Sutton was excellent a real winter treat, completely dry and played like a course in June - greens running 11 on the stump lol Great day as always finished 3rd in the am/am golf is strange -1 for 8 holes then we some how clicked and finish with 86pts winners 89. Blackwell next up 27th March
  7. Rob what time you off ?
  8. Think my games improving not playing but practicing more on specific things :-) Over making my membership value by playing 3 times or more and getting bored
  9. Never been a fan of am/am's for that very reason - honestly think there should be a rule only 2 from one club allowed and the same for pairs. There was a history of final 2 groups from same club winning the invitation open, somebody phoning them the leading scores 3 years running. I actually think I'm a cheat having played off 3 yet after 25 rounds I'm off 8 still after my comeback (Hard work hacking)
  10. Rob sounds good to me, fancy a knock there some excellent reviews !
  11. Pricey are you SImon Price ?? onyl ask as were booked in at 10am
  12. Well I signed up TO PMG for 2017 £341 inc union fee's my new club is Ullesthorpe I've got 110 points £2.95 per point, comp day early Sunday is 8pts, afternoon 6pts etc If I played today it would be 4 points £11.80 Works for me I#d rather practice and then play comps over social hacking :-) £21 for the nottinghamshire seems a good deal ?
  13. Just about to book the gents singles event on the 6th June £25 a man :-) following day I have Nuneaton open pairs busy weekend
  14. Enville was stunning and to be honest I could not believe after the day before rain downfall, how it could be completely DRY JUST WOW Lovely set up with chipping area and range etc, bar staff great. only downside pain in the arse to get to from Coventry, band the wrong side Of Birmingham #Traffic Next mission 16th March Sutton Coldfield :-)
  15. believe it is the highgate course, not played either so looking forward to it #StayDry and frost free