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  1. Rob sounds good to me, fancy a knock there some excellent reviews !
  2. Pricey are you SImon Price ?? onyl ask as were booked in at 10am
  3. Well I signed up TO PMG for 2017 £341 inc union fee's my new club is Ullesthorpe I've got 110 points £2.95 per point, comp day early Sunday is 8pts, afternoon 6pts etc If I played today it would be 4 points £11.80 Works for me I#d rather practice and then play comps over social hacking :-) £21 for the nottinghamshire seems a good deal ?
  4. Just about to book the gents singles event on the 6th June £25 a man :-) following day I have Nuneaton open pairs busy weekend
  5. Enville was stunning and to be honest I could not believe after the day before rain downfall, how it could be completely DRY JUST WOW Lovely set up with chipping area and range etc, bar staff great. only downside pain in the arse to get to from Coventry, band the wrong side Of Birmingham #Traffic Next mission 16th March Sutton Coldfield :-)
  6. believe it is the highgate course, not played either so looking forward to it #StayDry and frost free
  7. Enville next trip heard good things even in the winter!! 7th Feb 2017 pray for a dry sunny warm day #Wishes
  8. Last WS of the year yesterday Brampton heath, wow I thought Nuneaton greens were good for December but these topped it ! After playing the forest of Arden Monday on poor greens, bhgc was stunning OK not the most amazing layout but a good test of golf 34 pts winner 39. Sat +2 after 13 holes and doubled 9 and 10 3 putted 12, missed 3-4 10 footers for birdies, could have been up there but like most of the season 2 bad drives, resulting in a disaster !! Worth a trip took me an hour from Coventry ! Rush hour Blisters on blisters #WheresThatGlove :-)
  9. Summer I'd agree and probably use one, my little finger is in bits after 2 comps Monday, Tuesday Plasters grip well :-)
  10. Where's the option for #NoShortGame hit every green or die !! Barry bottler :-)
  11. I'm hitting it straighter and further than when I wore a glove all summer :-) I've worn a glove since I was 17, maybe I'm just Fred Couples ! Draws and fades no trouble with or without Good research tho, I'll add I've cleaned my grips twice this year ! I'm not buying the horse either !
  12. TommyTwoGloves #BigBreak There's no right or wrong in golf, what ever works a glove won't help me chip better :-) I'd buy a 1000 if it did
  13. Great news nice one
  14. 2nd outing at the Forest of Arden £28 we have a space if anyone's free #GetJoinedUp :-)
  15. Just played with a guy who hasn't played to his handicap all season and is due 2 shots back on review !! Think its a great idea