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  1. Games gone SOUTH since May bad times in 2018 

  2. Ricey155

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    well done looks a good day out and the weather was great. I'm pencilling this in for 2019 (I hope it runs again)
  3. Ricey155

    #LeafGate - thoughts ?

    This came back to my thoughts at the seniors open when Mark James smashes a bird on the 17th and flies sideways OB and takes 7 on the hole, surely it's the same problem moving object be it a leaf or bird diverts the ball sideways yet one is replayable NO penalty and the other he gets a penalty. RULES ARE RUBBISH.
  4. Ricey155

    Hi everyone i'm new to The Golf Shake Forum

    Not much action in here these days tbh, but welcome anyhow's :-)
  5. Hold the junior hacksaw :-) trophy pics See if the handicap can move in the right direction sometime soon, winnings a dozen pro v 1s well worth the £170 entry.
  6. ups and downs, half-length shafts might work better !! unhappy golfer
  7. Ricey155

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    OMG massive fail again, playing the midland golf challenge same day (3 day event) must pen this in for 2019.
  8. Ricey155

    Back to back 36 hole weekends #Rain argh

    made the cut all be it 18 holes due to flooded greens, we started at 8.20am and the first was flooded #Shambles but easier than a refund I'd guess. 7 back even with a 6 on a par 3
  9. Ricey155

    Back to back 36 hole weekends #Rain argh

    Do they find golf balls? rain rain rain oh wait local cricket season starts 2morro #WriteOff
  10. Ricey155

    And the winner is

    awesome mate, was it fancy dress as well Don't start getting cut again will after Glen Gorse
  11. A bit dead in here these days, the weekend (28th April 2018) I have 36 holes in the Leicestershire & Rutland Spring open, top 27 qualify for Sunday 36 holes #tiredfeet Following Sunday another 36 @ Coventry golf club the Midlands order of merit event. what we all up to?
  12. Ricey155

    Zepp golf

    big fan of the no lies video camera over a paid lesson :-) if I'm totally off then I'd pay £30-£50 but if it aint broke I'll just stick with the video. @Sam Ruddle
  13. Ricey155

    Commercialisation gone to far ?

    Does the name actually mean anything to people these days? And more importantly, will anybody care in a years time? Nobody knows the workings of the business or it's model, was it making money or did it need an upgrade to 2018? can't live in the past sadly it's ALL about EV over ICE. Vote with your feet if it doesn't sit right :-)
  14. Ricey155

    Charge for competition handicap

    Milking the newbie, never heard anything like it ever. Sounds like a great club.
  15. Ricey155

    15 Minute Golf Coach swing

    Iphone based Best investment anyone can make is alignment sticks, you play with anyone new they smash it well off the tee yet miss the rough let alone the fairway. AIM is best APP looks interesting luckily I'm not in need of lessons as self tough and understand my own swing 99%of the time.