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  1. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    Pics looked amazing Darren, some friends are playing it in October for more feedback :-)
  2. Another week arrives and Me and Mr Nutt are playing Sunday @ Oxley Park and Monday @ Walsall GC both pairs, not played either so looking forward to it. Mr N says they're both good courses so should be a good few days on TOUR #AwayDays Playing average so expecting nothing :-( so Rob best hold the team together all weekend!! Anything planned ??
  3. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    Sounds like an addition to my 2018 playing list :-)
  4. It was a pairs event, but I putted out and marked my 18 along side the pairs comp. They keep asking for pairs, am/am scores etc so I thought I'd add one to my stats like that. I need to fill in all my away day pairs am/am results at some stage. I've played 15 medals so they have an idea on my current ability or lack of it :-)
  5. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    Great posts guys cheers for sharing :-) Rob its coming this bank holiday weekend! Parkesy pretty good Bob nice to hear the wife is still on talking terms :-) continue the effort ha :-) Emotion family get together Saturday mind fog today 84 felt so out of form, but shot +12 I'm ready for Sunday / Monday supplementary card in today hopefully .1 back as been average for months :-(
  6. A real game of 2 halves!

    Brilliant :-) don't leave it too long before your out again #ThumbsUp Great rounds are well pure awesome !
  7. intelligentgolf has an easy add option so I used it today in the pairs invitation game, played average as most weeks but wondered if you can get cut or point one back on these cards or is it just for keeping your handicap purpose ?
  8. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    Shake the dice pal and play well :-)
  9. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    You sound deflated Robbie ? Gainsborough win slip through your fingers? Weather looks good for weekend :-)
  10. SM6 50,54 for sale

    Had them a year, going cavity back again with the new cbx Cleveland tbf there in very good nick as mainly use the 58 (that I'll keep) 50,54 £60 each pics up soon
  11. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    Family stuff really gets in the way of real life :-)
  12. Quiet week again, life gets in the way and a brother getting married on a golf day #WTF #Saturday So Sunday knock only for me - Home club pairs event :-( I prefer single medals :-) Anyone here ????
  13. Weeks flying bye no 32

    the sadness when you get the results and there's five prizes and your #GuessTheAnswer 6th ARGH still it's getting there https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/41510883/files/uploaded/Mens Open Pairs Results 12th Aug 2017.pdf no two's in 2017 and 2018 there coming a lot more frequent :-) shame I never enter them LOL
  14. Weeks flying bye no 32

    Nice work lmc :-)