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  1. We need to sort something out matey :-) #GetCutOrQuit maybe not the game plan this time :-)
  2. Very good start Rob and BT Limited option at UCGC as first two holes are being redeveloped and the comps have been moved from April to October after the issue with rain through Feb/March. So first comp / medal is 14th May - having moved clubs I got 0.2 back ? so two more hacks back to 9 lol #Hacker keep it up
  3. Looks decent tbf but I can't wear watches so not good for me, but some good reviews and GG have yet to sort the damn flag position out, why would I be 20ft away from a flag after a putt ?? unless it's Augusta ?
  4. cheers both Happy golf has a slightly better search facility but lousy link system :-) still lacking action on certain dates tho :-(
  5. Hi all is there anything else like GolfEmpire for searching and booking comps about ?
  6. Where are the winners posted?
  7. Different outlook :-) and 99% agree they still need to do more in my view ! And sadly in life nobody gets a free ride, nobody pays my wages for offering something they don't need or it doesn't fit. It's a bit like a gym membership.
  8. Good question TheLyth I left Nuneaton this year due to not getting in the winter league, and Oct - march you cannot play Sundays yet they expect me to pay full fees ! When at best it's closed more than open Jan Feb I'd be happy paying slightly more pro rata than standard for a 9 month option, pmg works for me so far, if i can get a spot in the comps at my home course Ullesthorpe as they have extra days to book in.
  9. get your wOOBOX on :-)
  10. Not sure they have anything Romford way Russ http://playmore.golf/clubs-courses/index.php £100 for maintaining your handicap sounds excessive! But i guess at last you have options to play comps at other courses with it.
  11. Kinda like the pmg system already, even tho it's a faff using the 20 away points. It's actually worked out well with a new destination Ramsdale park 10pts for me and my pal £20 each (based on rebuy being £4 a point) 34 courses on offer and direct tee booking via playmoregolf website #Simples Just need the sun booking option 11.04am if anyone fancies joining up - cheeky Friday away day
  12. My nemesis has been chipping and pitching or I'd actually call it more digging. I've tried pretty much everything to make it work. But for some reason i folded over my ring finger and wow it pretty much gave me confidence right away and 2 heavy sessions later i feel it's nearly there, not fixed but cured! Which for a yipper is awesome news :-) Bring on Ramsdale 2moro proper test First 70s of the year 2moro
  13. Nuneaton is a 1906 club and it's excellent you get one round a year at other's 1906 clubs outside the 50 mile radius, Stanton on the wolds was a nice course on the list. I'm led to believe #TheLyth that crans was for the anniversary year only? if not damn I missed out. Russ PlayMoreGolf might be an option, 80pts home 20 pts away. If I play after 1pm it's 4pts @ £3 a point not bad value, you can also keep your handicap and play comps etc be it weekends or in the week.
  14. I've started wearing a glove last few weeks and believe it or not my blisters have returned WOW. It's not helping me shoot under 80 either :-(
  15. Not being a pro or loaded I fancied something that offered feedback on my practice sessions, I had a lesson with Alastair Davies at the forest of arden and got some feedback on where it sat with trackman info etc, it was about 5mph down on swingspeed and so on. My first unit failed (gen 1) so ZEPP swapped it no issues, my second unit has been fine except for constant drop outs with bluetooth and then needs repairing etc. I get my weekly breakdown from ZEPP via email telling my where I am in the world (nobody cares, really I don't) Stop the waffle, all I can say it's OK it gives me feedback I've got my backswing from 250% to 275% (tour pro's perfect swing is 275%) I like the John Daly overswing better. club head speeds have improved so it can't all be bad. Would I buy it again NO sadly