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  1. Fimac

    Ready golf.

    That's the whole point ..most of it is common sense. Cant always have everything but if we don't try we will get nowhere. Some players insist that the other balls are marked on the greens as it apparently distracts them. I say if they concentrate on their own ball they won't see the others ! Doesn't always go down well mind !
  2. Fimac

    Ready golf.

    Insurance is fine, I have my own and club is covered. Obviously care must be taken as it is in any other game. A lot of the ready golf idea is not just hitting out of turn but in fact just thinking ahead and making sure u use the wasted time wisely. Like checking out your putting line while the person with the honor is doing theirs. Not starting to look at it , after they have putted. Really it's just common sense and just as safe as playing normally.
  3. Fimac

    Ready golf.

    In light of the new rule change proposals, I am trying to encourage Ready Golf at my club. This I know will knock off substantial minutes from the weekly round, and therefore when the changes do come, we will be ahead of the game. Has anyone got any funny poems or notices that will get the point over, without appearing to be over zealous. All help appreciated.
  4. Fimac

    Ladies nine hole competitions

    Thank you both. I thought this was the case but others differed.
  5. Is there a limit to the number of ladies QUALIFING 9 Hole competitions my club can run throughout the year ?
  6. Is there a limit to the number of ladies QUALIFING 9 Hole competitions my club can run throughout the year ?
  7. Fimac

    Changing clothing during round

    No you're not allowed to do that you can only use equipment that you start with.
  8. Fimac

    Changing clothing during round

    The problem is that just like clubs everything you use during a round of golf must be contained in your bag at the start of the game. If you get a shirt from the pro shop half way round ,and put it on,you are technically breaking the rules normally you are not allowed to do anything except have a quick pee and return to the game. It's not the fact that the shirt was changed ( as it was in the bag at the start of the competition) it's whether it should have been changed on the course and not in the clubhouse. Therefore getting out of the rain while changing, does that constitute an unfair advantage ?
  9. Need a ruling please. During a competition we are allowed to use our clubhouse for a comfort break, as there are no facilities on the course. During this comfort break a player , having brought in a dry shirt from his golf bag, the player takes off their wet shirt and puts on the dry one. Then returns outside and continues with the competition. Is this against competition rules ? Or does the fact that the dry shirt was in his golf bag at the start of the match make it legal ?