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    i have to admit that i was a regular on the old..old forum but when it was updated i found it slightly more involved in navigating around and slowly stopped using it, now it's more like the old old forum i'll give it another go.
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    No I didn't but I saw an exact club at my local Clarkes golf shop for £70 brand new and it also has a tiny mark right in the Center just the same, so it appears all the sldr rescues have this mark
  3. Alan gunnigle

    Trouser Tucking

    If those pesky critters get a taste for nuts you're in trouble
  4. Alan gunnigle

    Trouser Tucking

    I don't think I've seen anyone under 60 do this, must get to a certain age and think F()k it
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    I was told of a large golf warehouse in Chester that has some great deals, I was looking at the sldr rescue when I noticed it had a chip right in the centre of the club face, ( it looked like a dart had been thrown at it) when I brought it up with the young lad working there he pointed out that it had been used and brought back, so I picked up a brand new one with the wrapper still on and it had the very same mark as did every other rescue sldr that they boss man down stairs said he had never noticed and took some pictures I presume to send to TM, has anyone one else noticed something like this and could it mean that y are marked as rejects hence the low price of £69?