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  1. For me it has to be Traigh Golf Club in Scotland ............................ by far !! .................... and what a gorgeous little clubhouse too.
  2. I laughed so much, I nearly spilled my coffee!! I'm assuming you always wear two gloves to prevent sebum from your non-gloved hand infecting both your grip and your glove !! I've never worn a glove, never had a club slip from my hands, never washed my grips more than once a year and never gripped a club so tightly that I've sliced and topped my way around a golf course. Slime.
  3. I'm due to play nine holes later on this week and was wondering about the following. if I just complete nine holes when I 'Add a Round' in my Golfshake round record, will my handicap and stats be updated. The course is an 18 holer and I was just going to leave half of it blank. Would this work? Thanks guys, Slime.