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  1. Awesome thank you will drop you a text to arrange!
  2. That's pretty good, wouldn't mind getting there one day! I'm probably now not going to be around this weekend, but I will be around the 16th or 17th July. And yes I can do 9 holes in the evening, I work in Billericay and finish at 5 so can meet anytime after that. I had arranged to go on two weekdays the last two weeks but got rained out both times, typical!
  3. Awesome! I tend to play at Dunton Hills because they're not really strict on clothing/shoes as the people I sometimes play with don't have all the gear, but I'd defiantly be happy to try out some new courses! Wish I could join today :-( But I work Monday - Friday so only around fully on weekends, I can play either day this weekend (2nd or 3rd), or 16th/17th or 23rd July then I'm on holiday for a month. When would be good for you? What kind of handicap do you play off?
  4. Hello, I live in Basildon, so not too far away from you.. Would you be up for the occasional game of golf? :-) Daniel
  5. I have started playing golf over the last few months and looking for some/people to enjoy a round of golf with in twilight or weekends. Shooting high 90s / low 100s, looking to go on a regular basis through the summer and autumn. Live in south Essex but happy to travel to play. Please get in contact if interested. Thanks Daniel