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  1. Bulwell Hall and Ramsdale Park (Par 3 course).
  2. Beginner, male, 45. Been playing since August last year. Mainly play Ramsdale Park Par 3 with my Oad Man and Kid Brother on Sat/Sun early. Golfshake handicap for the 30-odd rounds I've played there is currently 19.6 ... but that's not a good indication of my ability on a "grown ups" course. Joined Wollaton Park in March and have been round a few times on my own but I'm looking to play more so I need to get some cards in, get a competition handicap and then hopefully take part in comps and stuff. If anyone fancies a bat round with me a couple of afternoons/evenings in the week or late Sat/Sun (and doesn't mind showing me some of the ins and outs of competition golf) let me know. Cheers.