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  1. I live in Roundhay. I'm the same mate. I love playing but haven't got a regular game. I go to the driving range and get a game when I can with mates but none of my golfing mates live in Leeds. Do you have a handicap? I was a member at a club for a year and got to 26 so I'm a complete novice myself looking to get better. If you'd like to get in touch to arrange a round or maybe 9 holes one evening let me know. My email address is [email protected] hope to hear from you, Paul.
  2. Hi, I live in North Leeds and would be interested in playing. I can do evenings at this time of year if that suits you? Thanks, Paul.
  3. Hi, I live in North Leeds and am looking for playing partners. I am 32 and currently play off 26. I am having lessons and looking to improve and would consider joining a local club if I had a regular playing partner or partners. I am free mainly on evenings and at weekends and it would be great to hear from others interested in a regular game. Thanks, Paul.
  4. Hi Pete. I live in Roundhay and would be interested in playing. What sort of times do you play? I'm mainly free evenings and weekends. I play off 26 at the moment. Paul.