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  1. Posted A minute ago Hi there, Any high handicappers out there with a slow swing speed, around 80mph? What irons would people suggest as a starting point to try fitting with? Doing some digging Adams Idea and Cleveland CG Black look like possibles but they aren't easy to get in the UK. Cheers
  2. Well the CT2 went back, sadly went to another course which has had three new holes in place for many years but these were missing also. I requested an update but had to return the unit before I got a response, I did get a reply to say the course update had been completed but too late for me. I would also say I found D the u it hard to navigate, buttons did different things and had to be held to get into menus etc. Updates also seemed tricky having to go through several menus to update the maps. I've instead purchased a Garmin G10. I used it for the first time yesterday, when got it updates were simple just plugged in, and the unit updated it's firmware and all maps in a couple of clicks. Took it out on the course yesterday, very easy to use simple menu and up/down select buttons makes navigation easy. Yardages were great, locked on to the course quickly, easy to read in the sun. Saved me shots where I used hazard yardages to play in for approach shots. Used 25% battery for the one round which was about 4 hours so you would probably get three rounds no problem.
  3. I picked this driver up a when I first started hitting a driver as I got better. My worst shot is a big slice off 5he tee and this club really helped to sort it and I hit it fairly straight now. I tried changing to a superfast 2.0 which was awful and now a cobra fly-z which is ok but I'm still getting some slices even on a draw setting, going back to the r5 and its all quite straight again. Should I just stick with the r5? I only play for fun and society, I'm not sure it's a conforming club so would I have issues if I played say a club medal? Am I missing out on new technology by sticking with it? Anyone made the change from this driver to another and been successful?
  4. Hello, Looking for ball recommendations this time, I know a lot is down to individual preference/fell but though people may want to make some suggestions. I'm a 24 handicap but improving, swing speed is around 80-85mph and currently using Wilson dx2. I like the ball but there seems to be little green side spin. What alternatives or tried and tested balls would people suggest, I was looking at the Wilson urethane, but other suggestions welcome.
  5. Only managed one round so far with the CT2. Very easy to use and enjoyed using the shot measure on a big drive I hit. I did find that some hazards appeared to be missing and have been advised to download the course again which I will do and then see if it fixes it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that although I had been told the unit only had the distance to hazards including water I have found it also has carry distances for water as denoted by a small downward arrow to the upper right of the hazard, it was the one downfall I thought the unit may have but it now doesn't so that's even better for me.
  6. The golf buddy and skycaddie are quite similar but that you have to pay the upgrade cost to get all the features on the skycaddie that the golf buddy gives you for no fee. Just a question of whether I want a bit cheaper but slightly less featured Bushnell Ghost or just go for the golf buddy.
  7. Thank you for that I'll have a look, they certainly tick the boxes on features. Any watches that would fit the bill or are the handheld units a bit more feature rich?
  8. I'm not too bothered either way on wearable, I don't like getting a strap mark but I could strap it to the bag if necessary. I have quite small wrists so nothing too bulky, again no large handhelds something golfbuddy or Neo Ghost size. Features wise obvious;y front middle back, hazards/layups would-be good, not so fussed on layouts or pin placement.
  9. Looking at getting a dedicated golf GPS device rather than using my smartphone as I do now since I'm starting to do society and comp days so it's a bit of a no no. Not looking for anything too fancy, tops 150 quid budget, no lasers and no big handhelds. Got three I'm thinking of, any views on these or any other recommendations, Bushnell Neo xs Bushnell Neo Ghost Garmin S2 Cheers