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  1. no golf for me this weekend, family stuff. so may have to visit the driving range just to get my fix
  2. well I am 9th [34 points] Putting was all over the place, sinking 20 foot puts and missing 3 footers.
  3. hopefully the courses will have dried out a bit.
  4. Captains Day this weekend so really wanting a top 10 finish. Need to have a good round as the handicap has stayed the same for too long. mantra of the game is - trust the club
  5. had a week off a couple of weeks ago, and I got twitchy
  6. Off to Trent Lock Golf Club this weekend, played it last November and liked it but it was a bit soggy so giving it a try in the summer. Only goal is to beat the hubs
  7. Had a week off last week, so back on it on Sunday with one of the clubs majors. Need to sort out my swing again after that terrible lesson. GIR for me this week
  8. I have played a few of the over £100 [at discount] and there is only one that I would have been happy to pay full price - The Castle at St Andrews All the others have left me with expecting more for my hard earned cash. I would not even think about Kingsbarns at £240.
  9. Barnbougle Golf Course in Tasmania. The £200 for both rounds is not too bad, but the £1000 it would take to get there is the killer. https://barnbougle.com.au/
  10. I have finally decided to get myself some trainer golf shoes, wanting something really comfy as I will be playing 2 round of golf a day for 14 day in a row, wanting to pay under 120 quid. Any recommendation?
  11. 24 but play off the whites
  12. Came 8th so happy with that, lost a few balls and a couple of 3 putts but overall no complaints from me
  13. its the 27 hole championship this sunday, and I finally feel like I am getting the feel of the course off the whites, so looking for a top 10 finish. Driving range on Wednesday and going to practice my recovery shoots. They have a great rough practice area All they play at my course is medals, I long for a stableford
  14. maybe 2 round max, but they normally don't stay around that long.
  15. Goals this week - I have a match-play comp on Saturday morning so really need to play well in that. Don't want to lose but if I do I want to be because he is the better player not because I played rubbish - Sunday is the Doubles Championship so going to give my new grip a go, aiming for a top 10 finish