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  1. @Andy Nixon it is coming.  In the UK we are heavily bound by the tradition of red, yellow, white tees ie ladies, general men play, men competition.

    However, over the last few years courses have started to introduce blues/greens often for juniors.   The States do this much better than use and once the updates course rating and slopes are introduced in the UK then courses should be able to do away with red, yellow, white and go with what they like.  Each tee will then have a men and ladies rating and slope meaning handicaps can then be applied based on which tee you are playing.  This would then make it much easier for a fourball to play off differing tees and still compete from a handicap perspective.

  2. 1 hour ago, Sam Ruddle said:

    OK perfect, let me know when it's done and i'll take a look.

    It went live 5 minutes after I posted this :)

    If you ever just went to pull out your raw stats round by round for more than 5 (that is all you get on the career stats page) then go to the round section:

    Login - My Golfshake - Rounds - Full Round Data

    you can filter up to 100 rounds, set to stat track only and then click the tabs to get the full info round by round.




  3. Hi Sam, just checking back in on this.  The system pulls this from round data and should show your handicap at the start of the year and end of the year for the past 5 years. 

    The current year should then have the current month showing you current Golfshake handicap.  

    When you add your rounds are you tracking for handicapping purposes or purely using Golfshake for stats ?  TBH all the reports and analysis is based off your current handicap so if you don't track handicaps against rounds and use the manual adjust to put inline with a club handicap this will be fine. 




  4. On 26/02/2018 at 11:06, sdparkes66 said:

    wasting money by buying a driver without getting a couple of lessons

    Top advice.  Hit the range, practice, enjoy it, have some lessons and then go from there.  Lots of cheaper options in terms of kit when you first start out.  Once you hone more consistency, play regular, then custom fit all day long for new kit.