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  1. Nearly sorted ! Have a venue and 3 possible dates at the end of year. Just on final checks and deciding whether early Sept or Ryder Cup weekend - first weekend of October.
  2. And people play golf with you wearing those ?
  3. Happy Chrisymas! Hope the golfing elves were kind. Anyone get any novelty golf gear like these foam balls & pens ?
  4. I'll check it out. Appears to have some fantastic reviews via the Golfshake system >> http://www.golfshake.com/course/view/14679/Enville_Golf_Club.html I do have a preferred venue which I am working on finalising.
  5. Sept is very very likely the date. Venue and date should be confirmed very soon.
  6. I played this week without my driver - does this count ? I actually hit a lot of fairways and played loads better than I normally do
  7. I'd probably like within 6 foot when I pitch/chip within 40 yards to have a chance of a 1 putt ! I can be 3 feet off the green and still 2 putt.
  8. I've actually been using this of late and stopped using my 7 iron in favour of the 9 iron just way from the green and having a lot more success !
  9. I've actually just played a couple of rounds without a driver having been struggling with golf lately. Was nice to not feel any need to try and muller the ball miles and played with some consistency - for me anyway
  10. To enter this comp just make sure you post a new topic saying hi in this forum >> http://forums.golfshake.com/forum/4-welcome-to-the-forum/
  11. Hi welcome to the site. Are you UK or US based ? Wasn't 100% sure with the blog being .co.uk
  12. Welcome to the new forum. Enjoy this game ! Gets us all hooked
  13. Still testing but I think this is now fully fixed.
  14. Would be interesting to hear from anyone who's tested mutilple devices. So far I've heard lots of positives but also a few negatives around forgetting to tag, time to tag and also the accuracy which then means extra work once you are back. 2016 should see this tech space get more crowded with several additional systems: Arccos Caddieon PIQ SkyGolf GameTracker Plus I don't think it will be long before some one does some cheaper versions which simply use your phone GPS, phone NFC & some cheap NFC stickers that you stick on your club shafts. Free idea for anyone interested
  15. Good spot with themes The dev guy is working on the updates so should be live soon. The functionality is all done but just needs some design tweaks. Im also finding it useful to reply easier via my phone!
  16. Great video or great interview from you :)
  17. Right this will be coming back big and better in 2016 with some organising taking place in the next few weeks. For now any suggestions on venue ?
  18. Just a test post to say hello