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  1. That's another of my goals. Practice more, play more, enjoy more and then treat myself to some new custom fit clubs
  2. Anyone ever found the "magic" golf move ? I think I found it last night at the range but I can't tell anyone in case it all goes wrong again Joking aside I'm on a winter plan to have lessons which resulted in some major tweaks to my swing which will be good in the long run. However, one week it is all okay and the next I'm back to chopping it everywhere !!! After an absolute shocker last week with @Matt Holbrook I was ready to pack up but last night at the range was all good again so the buzz is back ! So, anyone else been doing any winter prep and set any 2017 goals ?
  3. Mine are in order: 1. Play more golf! aiming for 20 full rounds in 2017 2. Play golf in Ireland to complete my England, Scotland, Wales .... 3. Handicap sub 18 Started with some lessons pre Christmas to work on my swing and consistency and to get me practicing and playing more. Had the first round of the year today which was interesting with a new swing on a pretty long tough course. But there are still 362 days left in the year to work on that 17 handicap
  4. @Peter John Handy looks like @Veravista beat me to it but another +1 for looking at what the CGL guys do. Great bunch of golfers
  5. Nice to see me there
  6. Some interesting feedback. Thanks! @Veravista some of the Youtube Pros are trying to do this - 'independent' reviews but not sure if they are still 100% independent without interference. Interestingly one of the big print mags is focused on this in 2017 but we will see.
  7. Still trying to convert you to those **special** tees
  8. I also have phot evidence from Yorkshire
  9. You not see my high whippy shots that hit the greens
  10. Appreciate feedback in completing this. This will be the 4th year we have ran. http://golfshake.polldaddy.com/s/golf-2016-survey
  11. I don't think I had any superstitions but reading through it got me thinking and I actually have a specific pocket set-up which I never change. And if I do I have to immediately correct! Basically: Back right - score card and pencil Back left - empty or maybe a hankercheif Front right - tees, ptich repair and ball marker and sometimes club cleaner Front left - spare balls for when I lose the one I'm playing with !! I also never tee off the 1st with a driver but there is more to do with my game than a superstitions
  12. Sorry I've once again let this slip. I struggled to get a venue that could accommodate 30-60 golfers for 2 days and then got heavily side tracked on other stuff. The plan was always the 11th/12th Sep but that could be pushing it now. I'll chat with the guys playing in the 36 holer on Friday and see if I can salvage this for 2016 or whether I should now starting planning for 2017 !
  13. First medal though. Enjoy it and don't worry too much about scores just focus on your game hole by hole.
  14. Hearing lots of good stuff about these balls. You tried any yet ?
  15. Can't help you there but I was after size 2s for my son so you've saved me searching. Off to AG or DG for me then
  16. Can't help you there but I was after size 2s for my son so you've saved me searching. Off to AG or DG for me then
  17. Review of the new Titleist 716 MB & CB irons:
  18. You decide Yes. Open to members of the forum and score tracking service. In the past we've had up to 2 teams of 40 players on each side which was pretty awesome. Usual teams are 16-24 per side.
  19. Yes. Open to all members of either the forum or the Golfshake score tracker. You just need to be able to decide on your allegiance to the North or South
  20. Hi Nick, historically it was April coinciding quite often with the Masters which always made for quite good night in the evening. Then following a few years of really bad weather it got moved to June which was the year it coincided with the US Open. The following year it got rained off in both June and Sep and then in 2014 it was in Sept. This year it will be September