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  1. I'm entering a Golfshake team to support this event. Who wants to join me ? Matlock golf course on Friday 14th July 2017
  2. @Ricey155 well, he's played Saunton, Royal North Devon and Burnham & Berrow finding out about the Atlantic Links. Pretty decent weather as well !
  3. I'll get @rugbyliberator99 to let you know. He's just played Saunton
  4. Thanks! http://www.golfshake.com/improve/view/11279/How_to_correctly_repair_a_pitchmark.html
  5. Hi Martin, chasing test status today. Will let you know ASAP.
  6. Really pleased to have got this content on Golfshake working with BIGGA (British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association). Some great videos and written content which all golfers should watch and read including; correctly repairing pitch marks, how to rake bunkers and aeration. Check them out here: http://www.golfshake.com/improve/tag/BIGGA/
  7. Maybe we should change this post to what is the fastest round you have played? I've done a twilight on my own with a bit of running once I got to the 12th hole in 2hours 10minutes.
  8. I listened to a super talk today from that at an England Golf conference, check them out here: http://britishspeedgolf.co.uk/ or Twitter @speedgolfuk the concept is basically to bring something new and innovative to golf by combining playing and running. Lots of decisions to be made around which clubs you carry etc You Speed Golf score is a combination of your golf score and time of the round.
  9. ? lost me but doesn't take much
  10. I've been in touch with the person direct earlier today. All competitions that are run are always posted online and generally the competitions are to reward and provide exclusives to the members and the online audience/readers. You can view all the past winners here - http://www.golfshake.com/competitions/winners/ Also as part of the competitions there isn't a requirement for winners to share info/pictures of their prizes online so you don't always hear anything post win but one of the recent comps there was an article written which you can read about here: http://www.golfshake.com/news/view/11218/Putt_to_South_Carolina_Winner_Full_Experience_Trip_Review.html
  11. Yup. Trying hard to get the reviews to be more meaningful - insights into current course set-up and overview for visitors. Not how someone played or the weather conditions
  12. Love this! You may have seen we have tweaked the independent reviews to capture additional data to provide more feedback to golfers and help golf club promote themselves more. Additionally, when we get guys doing feature reviews now we get some additional thoughts which you can see in this recent West Sussex review: http://www.golfshake.com/course/news/11242/West_Sussex_Golf_Course_Feature_Review.html Points noted and I'll see if we can push feature reviews further to gather this additional insight which visiting golfers want to know!
  13. Might be a comp coming up shortly with yesterday being #WomensGolfDay - pink doesn't have to be the color though
  14. @Ricey155 another thought have you seen Arccoss? Personally I'm not sure how accurate the GPS data is with these devices but something I've looked into previously specifically around 'big data' analysis. Arccoss is pretty much the same as GG but they've partnered with Microsoft to go to the next level in terms of data analysis. For example if we got everyone tracking their scores on Monday at the Shire you'd overlap all the data and then pull out where the 'birdie chances' come from ie on the 10th did all those going right hit the rough, block themselves out and those hitting the fairway or going left provided the lower scoring opportunities. So as you say stats are subjective and down to the individual but the data analysis described above could provide the average golfer with the 'course management' insights.
  15. Can't rate it highly enough, seriously have a think about the Tour Caddie Experience. @Matt Holbrook @rugbyliberator99 can provide more info. Check it out here: https://www.tourcaddyexperience.co.uk/