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  1. What length of time is your golf ball used for?

    The driver came out for today's round. Ball still going after 20 holes and hitting around 12 drives !!!!
  2. Aphibarnrat today?

    This came in via Twitter does't really answer your question though After the KLM vowed never to back him again ,,,vindicated today
  3. What length of time is your golf ball used for?

    Tried so hard with a new back of AD333 yellows. Lasted the whole of 18 holes on Friday but only 12 holes today. Lost the ball in the sun never to be found The next ball then took 4 holes to lose
  4. What length of time is your golf ball used for?

    Pretty impressive though - 5 and 1/2 rounds !
  5. What length of time is your golf ball used for?

    If I don't lose them I usually use a new ball for a around 27 holes and then confine it to my spares pocket when I take a provisional or if I lost lots of balls in a round
  6. How far is too far !?

    That was a fun day
  7. Skycaddie Touch

    No 100% sure but a few years back mine just stopped working when I didn't renew.
  8. Ping G30

    We also covered some info on the old Golfshake forum for things to look out for. Obviously these will never be fully failproof when shopping online but: - does the site display the registered company information - does the site display any VAT information - is it easy to contact the company on a geographic number - do they publish their address and location information - what is the return policy like on their site obviously lots more you could add.
  9. Ping G30

    Very old article well worth reading http://www.golfshake.com/news/view/5743/How_to_spot_a_fake_golf_club.html
  10. Course reviews after round input

    We try and not irritate and be responsible where possible. Thus once you add a round you shouldn't see the option to leave a review if you have left a review previously in a set number of months. Likewise, assuming you opt-in to the email notification, you won't get the email reminder if you have also reviewed recently. Thanks for the post though.
  11. How far is too far !?

    Some stats from the Golfshake summer survey which you can still complete here: http://www.golfshake.com/news/view/11579/Golfshake_2017_Summer_Survey.html 52% of golfers travel less then 20mins to their home/regular club 22% travel 20-30 mins to their home/regular club 61% of golfers will travel up to 2 hours for a round of golf 10% will travel over 4 hours just for a round ! Interestingly, 65% of club members travel less than 20mins to their home/regular club. For non club members it is only 37%
  12. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    I've done the opposite and joined a club so I can play more, play when I want and play what I want ie 5 holes, 9 holes, full 18 etc
  13. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    I couldn't play the old course on a sunny clear day - there would be too many walkers !!! Sunday morning was pretty bad and thankfully Monday afternoon they'd all gone back to work and it was drizzly so not many about.
  14. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    Just a small weekend away playing Nefryn with @Matt Holbrook Fantastic course and great to play the Old course which everyone will know from the photos. Short, quirky, scenic but tough with the public walking the flow of the old course. The new was okay and Ioved the front course !
  15. Hi, I'm entering a Golfshake team in the event below. If you fancy joining Team Golfshake then please let me know ASAP. Taking place at Matlock Golf Club in Derbyshire with a tee time around 11:30. Additionally, if you fancy entering your own fourball then get in touch with @rugbyliberator99 there are a handful of tee times left. Regards, Darren.