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  1. I have a question for the forum. The other day I had to take a provisional ball after slicing my first ball 200+ yards to the right. The provisional ball shot that I hit was not good either but it made its way to the middle of the fairway only 150 yards ahead of us. So as we approached my provisional ball, I asked my opponent whether I could hit the provisional ball before looking for my first ball to speed up play in the event that I do not find my first ball. He agreed to this and I hit my provisional ball then proceeded to go and find my first ball. We found my first ball and I hit on to the green side banker. After putting out, my opponent, penalised me two shots for hitting my first ball. What is the ruling on this? The pace of play etiquette we play at our course is that we are allowed to hit our provisional ball forward to speed up play. Is there are a R&A rolling on this?