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  1. We ordered a Sun Mountain golf bag from this store early this week and paid by PayPal. The next day we got a call saying it wasn't in stock and we were offered a more expensive bag, the Big Max Terra X Tour bag, which was the next generation of the Terra X, but with full length dividers, 100% waterproofing, seamed zips etc etc. (supposedly, but read on), at the additional charge of £14.95. After much persuasion about this 'advanced' model, we agreed and paid the difference. Wanting to see it online, we searched the web, but found nothing. I called him back later that day to query this and was told it wasn't online yet, as it was a brand new model. It arrived today and is a standard Terra X, not in any way advanced. Worse than this though, they had put an i-dry label onto the bag and attached the i-dry Aqua barcode and price tag! Blatant fraud! Just to make sure we were not mistaken, we called American Golf and they asked us to bring it in. They confirmed that it was a standard Terra X bag, not at all waterproof, not seamed zips and not full length dividers, basically not what we'd paid for! They also scanned the barcode and it came up as the i-dry Aqua bag. We called Greg Nicholson from the shop and he was adamant at first that we had the Tour bag, an advanced model, then when we told him the call was being recorded, he said he had had the bag teflon coated, which made it an i-dry bag! He became very abusive and insisted 'I' was speaking over him and shouting, but in fact I couldn't get a word in edgeways! We have agreed to send the bag back for a refund, but after reading other reviews we doubt he will be forthcoming. Good job we paid through PayPal! We will wait to see what Trading Standards has to say before returning it and Big Max are also interested in his claims. Don't go near this shop or site. I only wish I had read the numerous reviews before buying anything from him!