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  1. In real time and not TV coverage, who secured the win? When GARCIA went 'Dormie', it meant that Europe were guaranteed at least 14.5 points. This was missed by TV . What do you guys think?
  2. Many years ago Mens max hcp was indeed 24. This meant that along with 3/4 rules in Match-Play and Better Balls the maximum amount of shots a player could get was 18 or a shot a hole. Also ladies had 36 as their maximum but you had to play to that handicap or it was 36+.
  3. Your 4th word gave the answer. An Open Competition brings all sorts of golfers together so has a Hcp limit put on them by most organisers. The CONGU limit of 54 is mainly for Club level where an eye can be kept on a players progress. Imagine how you would feel if a guy turns in a Nett 40 to win prizes worth over £150.
  4. This means on a hole where you would get a shot/stroke it becomes the par of the hole + the shot + 2 so on a par 4 it will record a 7.
  5. Maybe something to do with the way the Hcp system works. No score becomes nett par +2.
  6. This is a copy from the old Forum from 7 years ago with regard to the same type of question. Well, the experts have spoken. The Committee should produce a CoC (Conditions of Competition) and include in it how a Team should proceed in this matter as no Rules of Golf cover it. Specially for the playing of Provisional Balls and what to do if it is a Mixed Greensome. Here is a little help:- Players A & B are a Team. The fact that either could be a Lady doesn't matter because they will play from there own Tee. If both players either lose their balls or hit them OoB's they choose who will play their THIRD stroke from the Tee, but it becomes difficult if the 1st Tee-shots may be Lost or OoB's and Provisionals come into the equasion. On a hole where both players hit tee-shots that may be lost or OoB's. A CoC can state that both players may hit Provisional Balls for each other, A hitting a PB for B's ball and visa versa or that only ONE PB can be hit. The CoC could also state that Provisionals may not be hit at all. I favour both players being allowed to hit Provisionals (as above) as it then covers most outcomes without holding up play. The only argument against this is that a Team gets to choose a ball Twice on a hole and may get an advantage, so maybe adding to a CoC that a Team nominates one ball in this situation for when both originals are lost or OoB's. TheLyth Last edit : Tue 2nd Nov 2010 13:28
  7. Some Golf Courses already have the local weather forecast on their web sites but many are taken from the Met Office/BBC feeds. The problem with that is clear here on the east Yorkshire coast. Filey GC is 10.1mls from Ganton GC and 6.9mls from Scarborough South Cliff GC and each one takes their 'local forecast' from the same source, so it is possible to think the weather is the same at all three venues when in fact Filey could have visibility of 50yds (sea fret), Ganton could be in sunshine and its raining at Scarborough. This did happen last year. Also most course sites do tell you if it is open or not.
  8. Merry Christmas Chris, and a Happy New Year.
  9. There may be a few (like me) waiting to make a Ruling!
  10. Not totally on topic. Some years ago when I was an Assistant Pro, my boss decided to have a bit of fun for the Pro's Xmas Draw and advertised a 'Special Prize' that could only be won by a member who was present at the Draw. The night came and a Box was displayed which suggested that a "set of clubs" where inside. The draw was made and after several attempts a ticket was pulled out belonging to someone in the room. They opened the box to be confronted with the TWO to ACE of CLUBS playing cards stuck to the box with the latest model of Putter on the market (not a bad prize really). The guy was not best pleased but everyone else was in stitches.
  11. It all depends on the players ability. What is the use of knowing its 148yds to the pin with a £200 object when you don't hit your clubs a regular distance. It is worth paying that amount of money when you hit clubs a consistent distance only.
  12. Having read the article about Club memberships I came to the conclusion that many Golf Clubs are missing a very important point, so I wondered what our Golfshake Members thought. Many Clubs are saying that they are not in as good a state as they were some years ago so need extra income. They offer deals for 'new Members' and offer discounted green fees, but what about the long standing members? Full Playing Membership fees are usually around 20 times a Green Fee, so you need to play more than that to make it worth it. But they then discount those Green Fees to attract visitors which then makes the Subs nearer 30 times a Green Fee. Then the paying Membership start complaining about having too many visitors on their course. So I ask. If you are a Member of a Golf Club, are you happy to pay your Membership Fee to remain a member when the Club seems to be catering for visitors more than you.
  13. It is always good to look around, when joining a Club. I am lucky that I live in an area where memberships are not too expensive. My Club (Filey GC) has roll up Clutches for all types of golfer and are a good way to find regular partners. I am taking a year off Full Playing Membership (£650) and only being a Social Member (£25) because I will be unable to play regularly because I'm having health issues and hope to get them sorted in the next twelve months.
  14. The 2017 Scarborough Golf Week prize presentation takes place tonight at Filey GC. Another great week with players and winners from all over the country, and full starting sheets too. If you don't know about this week (1st week in September each year) then keep a look out for it next year. You can come along with your family and stay in Scarborough, Filey, or Whitby and play various competitions for £12 each. The four courses used are always in good nick and its a great social atmosphere in town too. Play Whitby, Filey, Scarborough South Cliff and North Cliff during a great week. If you like that, then Bridlington have a Golf festival earlier in the year too. For the real experts, Ganton is only 10miles from Scarborough.
  15. I think the main danger of a 'strike' is on light aircraft and micro-lights.