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  1. Range Finders...

    It all depends on the players ability. What is the use of knowing its 148yds to the pin with a £200 object when you don't hit your clubs a regular distance. It is worth paying that amount of money when you hit clubs a consistent distance only.
  2. Having read the article about Club memberships I came to the conclusion that many Golf Clubs are missing a very important point, so I wondered what our Golfshake Members thought. Many Clubs are saying that they are not in as good a state as they were some years ago so need extra income. They offer deals for 'new Members' and offer discounted green fees, but what about the long standing members? Full Playing Membership fees are usually around 20 times a Green Fee, so you need to play more than that to make it worth it. But they then discount those Green Fees to attract visitors which then makes the Subs nearer 30 times a Green Fee. Then the paying Membership start complaining about having too many visitors on their course. So I ask. If you are a Member of a Golf Club, are you happy to pay your Membership Fee to remain a member when the Club seems to be catering for visitors more than you.
  3. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    It is always good to look around, when joining a Club. I am lucky that I live in an area where memberships are not too expensive. My Club (Filey GC) has roll up Clutches for all types of golfer and are a good way to find regular partners. I am taking a year off Full Playing Membership (£650) and only being a Social Member (£25) because I will be unable to play regularly because I'm having health issues and hope to get them sorted in the next twelve months.
  4. The 2017 Scarborough Golf Week prize presentation takes place tonight at Filey GC. Another great week with players and winners from all over the country, and full starting sheets too. If you don't know about this week (1st week in September each year) then keep a look out for it next year. You can come along with your family and stay in Scarborough, Filey, or Whitby and play various competitions for £12 each. The four courses used are always in good nick and its a great social atmosphere in town too. Play Whitby, Filey, Scarborough South Cliff and North Cliff during a great week. If you like that, then Bridlington have a Golf festival earlier in the year too. For the real experts, Ganton is only 10miles from Scarborough.
  5. Drones on vLogs

    I think the main danger of a 'strike' is on light aircraft and micro-lights.
  6. Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    It is rumoured that BT Sport may bid for The Masters.
  7. Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    The only problem for the BBC will be the expense for them to add innovation for only a couple of tournaments.
  8. refreshed and ready for WEEK 30 -2017

    Back to my old course this weekend, Roundhay Golf Club in Leeds were I started playing as a 13yr old in 1969. It's a Memorial Day for one of the great servants of the Club and the old juniors are coming from all over the place to play.
  9. Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    I remember when golf on TV was limited to the BBC and ITV and you only saw the last six holes of each round. The BBC had a dedicated sports crew who did most sporting events but ITV just took local crews. I knew a Yorkshire TV cameraman who would be filming Emmerdale Farm one day, then at Fulford for the B&H the next. ITV did have a dedicated crew for the Horse Racing so with York being televised the same week as Fulford it was simple to put the B&H on the box. The Open is, or was a big social event too, and the BBC sent pictures all over the world and still have a large presence at The Open (5 live etc). I read an article this week that said the R&A were unhappy with the "old, outdated presentation" the BBC offered yet Sky showed a 75% drop in viewing figures so it looks like the R&A got that one wrong too. If you talk to sports enthusiasts and ask where they dream of going, they usually say Wimbledon, British F1 Grand Prix, The Open Golf Championship, a Lord's Test Match, and, a FA Cup Final, Then when you ask why? It's because they first saw them on TV. On the subject of who fronts the golf. It doesn't matter to me but you need people who know the players and the game doing the interviews.
  10. Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    'Ken on the course' is much better than anything Sky offer. Sky just piggy back USTV broadcasts most of the time. I also like the fact BBC Directors are scanning the pictures to give the guys something to play with (guy asleep during Wimbledon Final etc) and the guys in the box relate to all viewers and don't analyse the swings all the time. A classic example is BBC:- "Kuchar with a putt for birdie here at 14, (load cheer). That sounded like a Rory cheer. Kuchar's putt slides past and he stays at -8" Picture cuts to 17th green. "Well here is Rory for eagle, I think he might hole it" While Sky would say "Well Kuchar stays at -8, but Rory has eagled the 17th so lets see how he did it"
  11. Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    It's great to take the big money off Sky but if you take the viewing element away from all but the interested you lose the growth in the game.
  12. The Deeper Questions Behind Rory's Long Drives

    The big problem and the main problem too is that we see the pro's play and we too, play by the same Rules. So even though Rory can smash it nearly 400yds the same technology means that Joe Public can reach the 250yd markers. If the Tour guys played the same courses we do and in the same conditions they would be complaining all the time.
  13. Lifting your ball OFF the green?

    In this situation you can mark and lift the ball nearest the hole BUT you must hold it between your fingers and not clean it before replacing.
  14. going over to the dark side

    I have a pair of Slazenger Casuals and a pair of Hi Tec Trainers/Golf Shoe, but they are still not as comfortable as my Footjoy Greejoys.
  15. Senior golfers

    It's an age thing that I have seen many times and not just with Golf. As we get older we are unable to do the things we did in our younger days (fact), but many think and try that they can. I was a PGA Pro for years but now play off 8, I enjoy my golf but can still compete because of the rise in Hcp. Golf is now an enjoyment for me and scores don't matter.