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  1. Todays 'Professional Sportsmen' and women will only play when they are 100% fit. In golf today, the Pro's work to a repetitive swing that they want to feel right. In the old days the guys just got the ball round, by any means. The goal being to do it in the least number of shots. They shortened swings, slowed down backswings and curtailed their follow through if they got a twinge, they knew how to adapt to take the pressure off the problem area. To answer the original question, my answer is No. Players want to over power a course, they want to get close to a green so if they miss the fairway they are only going in with a short iron so can make the putting surface. Courses are then lengthened, so the players want to hit it further, so the cycle starts again.
  2. I have already achieved one of my goals for 2017. I have walked round the course. No need for a buggy. Knees didn't argue too much so that's progress. My other goal is to play to my 8 hcp most of the time, I've done it a few times but still make 'stupid' mistakes (3 putting mainly). I still have a 'scratch' brain but seem to now own an 18 hcp body.
  3. Last broke a club in 1983, but lost a club last year.
  4. OK guys, here is a topic for you to add to and discuss. The question is related to what some know as 'sods law'. I'll start the ball rolling:- Why is it that after you lose or brake a club during a round, you want to select that club for nearly every shot for the rest of that round?
  5. In Leeds there is a 9hole Muni (Roundhay) that has a SSS of 65 to a Par of 70. Many of the low handicap players said that they would rather play at other longer courses near-by because they had more shots to play with against Par. An example of this is:- Roundhay, 5200yds par 70 - SSS 65 Alwoodley, 6793yds par 72 - SSS 72 Moor Allerton - Blackmoor course, 6673yds par 71 - SSS 73
  6. I'm playing Monday at my home course in Filey. I'll be walking for the first time for a very long time.
  7. Last year I bought some Woodworm gear from amazon. well worth a look, all sorts of colours and designs for very affordable prices.
  8. Then some of those members a Club does have questions the wages shown on the Balance Sheets. If they want the Pro Shop open and lessons available all of the time, that's two wages. If they want food available all the day, that's two or even three wages. If they want the Bar open that's another two wages at least. They want a well presented course, that's another four wages. So that is over £150,000 pa on minimum wage. Or £250 pa for each Member if they had 600 members.
  9. What percentage would you think a Summer package should cost against Full Membership? Would it then be fair to give them equal privileges as a full paying member, voting etc. Municipal Golf did have the answer and still does in many parts of the country. Join the attached Club as a member for £75 to £150 for the year and then buy a Summer Season Ticket.
  10. Just to give an idea. If you join a Club that is part of the 1906 Club, you get courtesy on courses like Fulford and Crans-sur-Sierre. James Braid associated Clubs give discounted GF's so Blairgowrie would drop from £70 to £40, Boyce Hill from £45 to £25 and The Monmouthshire from £48 to £23. So it can be a good idea to see what associations a Club has before you join.
  11. A Full Membership Fee should equal 20 to 25 rounds of golf at the normal GF. That is less than once a week for the six summer months. I look at it this way:- Play on average once a week for half the year. Play a couple of evenings a week during the summer, be that 3, 6 12 or 18 holes. Use the practice facilities as often as I like and then have days away with whatever deals are on (Reciprocal's & 1906 or James Braid Clubs). That would cost me more than twice the Membership Fee.
  12. It is definitely a regional thing. Here on the Yorkshire coast membership is around £650-£750 pa but deals can be got. Filey offer 18 months for £759. Clubs are not struggling but they are wary of their financial state.
  13. Read the CONGU booklet and it seems to suggest that Cat 1 players can have their handicap adjusted in a 9 hole competition. I am lucky that my Club have a fully measured 9 hole Academy course that is CONGU approved.
  14. The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, or Muirfield to most, have voted to allow lady members after a second vote. After voting not to allow ladies to join, the R&A took them off the Open rota. They already allowed ladies to play the course and wives of members to use all the Clubhouse facilities with no extra fees. So do you think that being on the Open rota meant so much to the club or have they been persuaded in other ways?
  15. I didn't know but it makes sense. Off 1, how can you calculate a 9 hole score if you play the back nine and S.I. 1 is on the front nine?