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  1. When ever I go to the range I get bored after a short while of just hitting balls. Can anyone suggest any games that can make trips to the range more fun?
  2. Does seem bizzare! personally I think some golf clubs need to move with the times anyway.
  3. They have dimples on the bottoms so in my opinion look like golf shoes. I've never owned a pair of trainers with dimples on them. Hi-tech did a pair of golf shoes with dimples on years ago.
  4. You can play nine holes on an eighteen hole course usually without a problem as the majority of courses have the 1st tee and 9th green situated near the clubhouse. it is handy being a member of a course because as you say you can play as many or as little holes as you like. But you have to use it enough to make the monthly/yearly fee worth while. For someone like myself I find twilight fees handy because again you can play as many or few holes as you like. One course near me is doing a 'drive home for a fiver deal'. A round after 3pm for the fantastic price of five English pounds.
  5. I'd say it's a golf shoe as it's a shoe designed for golf and guessing only sold in a golf shop.
  6. Express golf is basically playing nine holes of golf according to the website. They list all the nine hole courses in the country and there are quite a few around where I live, which is handy!
  7. For me it's just the fact that playing nine holes is quicker than playing eighteen holes, so i can fit playing golf in a lot better.
  8. Interesting concept there! Something needs to be done with golf in my opinion just like Cricket did when they introduced T20. My local course (Warley Park) have introduced express golf plus. Basically they have turned their nine hole course into a 'short course' using mats and added bucket holes on every hole.
  9. This is why golf has to move forward with the time, or less and less people will be attracted to play it with silly rules like this!
  10. If you enjoy playing the par 3 format then just do that! Golf can be what you want it to be. I don't get much time to play the full size game anymore so my friend and I regularly play pitch and putt, which only takes less than two hours to complete 18 holes.
  11. Let me know if your free of an evening any time and if I can make it we could pop over Dunton or somewhere for nine holes.
  12. England golf are trying to push the idea of people with limited time getting out to play nine holes of golf. For someone like myself this is pretty much the only way I get to carry on playing as having a young family I have limited time for hobbies. Today I hit the course for the first time in a while, getting round my local nine holer in less than an hour and a half!
  13. I don't have an official handicap anymore, but can probably play around an eighteen. Can possibly do this Sunday, but would have to confirm tomorrow. Can you ever do nine holes in the evening?
  14. Certainly would! Where abouts do you play? Due to having a family I don't really play much but still get out for the occasional social game when I can. I'm off work think week and actually playing Warley Park today.